WordCamp Strategies for Central American Technologists

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This writing is dedicated to the growth of technology
across Central America. The WordPress community has
grown tremendously, providing opportunities for technology
to expand across the region and allowing the youngest of
WP members, the youth, teens and young adults to start
their own businesses, and to be entrepreneurs.
I hope this writing is well received and I invite comments,
ideas, suggestions, and even those in Central and South
America to provide personal experiences as it relates to
their growth and development as business owners in the
WordPress Community.

WordCamp Strategies for Central American Technologists
William Jackson, M.Ed.
WordPress Member Since 2010
Certified VR and STEAM+M Educator
World Metaverse Council
Twitter: https://twitter.com/myquesttoteach

The use of diverse technologies to promote personal and
entrepreneurial growth has grown exponentially over the
course of several years. Building relationships online is strategic,
planned and executed to obtain maximum visibility and collaborations.

Central America is finding is digital purpose and direction as an influencer.
Being visible online is required to establish relevancy, respect, and
recognition for professional and even personal achievements.
The use of technology across Central America has grown tremendously
and CA is developing into an influential ecosystem for startups,
entrepreneurs, and unique language technologies that are digitally
connecting Central America historically.

Stated by Whitecase.com – Latin America is on its way to becoming
an influencer for technology startups. Inspired by a rapidly expanding
middle class and an influx of Central American domestic and foreign investments. Central America is seeing a growth in new technology businesses specializing in e-commerce to digital media.

The WordCamp community in Central America has grown to awesome
levels of involvement, engagement, and influence. WordCamp conferences have allowed so many web developers, programmers, coders, graphic designers and entrepreneurs to build their businesses from their knowledge, skills-sets, talents, passions, and purpose. The most recent WordCamp SJ,
San Jose Costa Rica had over 600 in attendance and WordCamp Nicaragua has high numbers of attendance that is breaking records.

Higher education students are learning very competitive digital skills
and applying their skills and talents online to increase their visibility and employability. There is a plan to master the skills of networking, collaboration, and cooperation when you see the growth of Central American business ownership. Posted by Small Business Development Centers in Central America factors like increasing high speed internet access, digital innovations, and increased private investments are strongly contributing to growth in the tech center.

Central Américan technologists are learning strategies
and applying technology more; multiple platforms, apps,
tools are implemented daily. Marketing abilities, talents,
strengths, and ambitions can mean the difference in
struggling to gain an entry level position to starting off in
midlevel positions with leadership growth potentials and
salaries to match.

WordCamps have seen a tremendous growth in attendance and the
diversity of speakers requesting to speak has made phenomenal influences.
As a business owner, professor, speaker at multiple conferences and blogger for newspapers the times have changed, seeing to social media side of
tech transitioning to the AI and VR side that influences collaborations and cooperations across Central America even for youth, teens, and young adults.

Central America is a beautiful diversity of cultures, colors, and talents.
There is an increasing number of Central Americans that use WordPress
to elevate them to better lives, improved economic access and build
their educational skills-sets. This influences and inspires event the
youngest audiences, the youth, teens and young adults that see
their parents, uncles, aunts and even grandparents involved in WordPress
and attending WordCamps.

The regions growing younger communities are connected to social
media tools and platforms that allow for increased connections with
new views and new uses for education and business.
Latin America is poised to become a major player on the technology landscape with WordPress a major contributor. Latin America is
an increasingly important market for the growth of entrepreneurs.

Many Latin American countries have been implementing legal
reforms that make it easier for owners of businesses that are
technology based. WordPress is a major part of what is happening
and WordCamp conferences are building networking, workshop and
business opportunities.

The Central America nations of Belize, Costa Rica, El Salvador,
Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, and Panama. Each are building
consistent WordPress Meetups, established WordCamp conferences
and other events that allow for collaboration and cooperation.
Central Americans understand the importance of education that
builds digital skills, enhances knowledge and provides critical and
creative thinking. Creativity and innovation are necessary mind-sets
to survive and thrive in a world of AI, Machine Learning and VR.

Science Technology Engineering Arts Math Metaverse AI VR are
beginning to be used in schools, web development, coding, graphic
design, and other areas are creating opportunities for youth, teens
and young adults to be business owners before they graduate
from school.

Applying the skills and talents related to WordCamp and the
WordPress community can be seen in homes, offices, schools
both public and university. Even with approaching the use of
tech for business and entrepreneurialism there is a cross-instructional
piece that can be applied.

What a great future for Central Americans in tech, futures of visions
that include the vision of Web 3, Web 4, IOT 4, 5, 6 and above. The
Metaverse is not coming it is here and growing, Central America can
be a powerhouse and influencer as more is provided and finances
are growing.

Central America Strategies for WordPress Successes
1. Showcase your knowledge in Blogs and Meetups in areas
that you’re experts and passionate. Using microblogging,
traditional blogging and even podcasting can help gain
visibility and collaborations.
2. When developing Content find subject areas that you
can connect with and be a future guest on Podcasts and
interviews. Let your voice be heard.
3. Do not allow impostor syndrome to stop you from sharing
your knowledge.
All it takes is a few minutes to attract followers and a few
good observations.
4. Show your value with the information you are learning
and remember that “Content is King.”
5. Don’t short sell yourself, know your value and your worth.
6. Grow your connections over time. Do not try to grow
your audience to fast or overnight.
7. Show interest of other people when reading content, instead
of just posting content continuously read or view what others
are posting and provide feedback.

8. Seek engagement, building relationships that built
friendships, partnerships, collaborations and cooperations
for the future.
9. If you tag people make sure the tag is relevant.
10. Be mindful of your content. Comment on what is trending
try not to comment on old news.
11. Have a list of people that will engage with you. Follow them
and engage with content that promotes connections and
12. When reading LinkedIn posts think about your replies
before you reply to stay on the subject, not taking it to another
13. Higher education students in Central America should build
their networks before graduation. It is easier to build a following
slowly than to struggle in building a following with no strategies
and no plan.
14. Put Hash Tags in your postings to draw more attention to
your content or others to expand more engagement.

15. Make sure you attend Meetups consistently and contribute.
16. Be sure to volunteer in WP groups that help others.
17. Work to be a storyteller in your content development.
People love to follow and engage with storytellers.
18. Connect with others across Central American borders,
countries and from South America.
19. Remember the purpose of WordCamp is to network
and share content. When possible create content in Spanish
and English.

20. Don’t be afraid to follow other professionals on LinkedIn
for future connections and collaborations.
21. Try to attend WordCamp conferences either in person or virtual.
22. Stay up to date on developing new technologies like
AI, VR, & Metaverse.