Driving Your Kids to WP & STEAM+M at WordCamp Europ

Driving Your Kids to WP & STEAM+M at WordCamp Europe

William Jackson, M.Ed.
Certified VR & STEAM+M Educator
Media Partner with WordCamp Europe 2023

Expanding Your Horizons of WP & STEAM workshop for WP
to begin the vision for future careers. Youth and teens are
beginning to see themselves as digital leaders and access to
careers they thought only available to adults. Developing skills
across the digital spectrum helps with future vision.
The possibilities are endless for youth and teens when they
participate with WP in conferences specifically for youth and teens.

WordCamp conferences have a similar influence creating a
foundation for learning and engagement. The growing opportunities
to build skill-sets in youth and teens especially girls to build a
foundation for their futures. What better ways to empower the
future of WP, invite youth and teens from 13 to 16 to WordCamps
like WordCamp Europe 2023 and have their own workshops

Using STEAM as a foundation for learning and expanding the
learning to Web Development. Teachers like William and Aida
Correa are expanding a new way to branch-out in discovery, creativity
and innovation with hands-on learning that blends WP, AI, VR,
Content Creation, Blogging and even Podcasting.  Providing events
that helps girls to be celebrated, elevated and cultivated as leaders.
Europe is a growing hub of technology and innovation it IS a dynamic
community for innovative and transformative changes in STEAM,
WP, using WC conferences as conduits of engagement and learning.

Traditional schools are not the only resources that share new ways to
teach students to have no fear of technology and making decisions
about where their learning takes them. The push is on to integrate
hands-on learning that focuses on learning that is relevant and of real
world importance so youth and teens see the value of learning and
attending WC conferences.

To teach youth, and teens the necessary skills to be employable,
promotable, entrepreneurial, obtain leadership positions.
The value that DEI is important because representation does matter
across gender, generation, and cultural lines. Children of color need to
see professionals of color in leadership careers in WP and WC not
just sports or entertainment. They will see professionals at
WC conferences like Aida Correa Jackson (Afro-Latina) and
William Jackson (African American) and others. The diversity of the
representation of volunteers, speakers, organizers, vendors, teachers
and others provides a vision of hope and acceptance.

Schools of today cannot provide just educational resources and
exposure, they cannot with the decline in teachers and digital
professionals. WC should provide workshops that youth and teens
should be actively engaged and motivated to learn as much as they
can and apply that knowledge to be influencers. This change can
happen when the traditional instructional models change from
educators being lectures to adapting their instruction to be enablers,
influencers and inspires to facilitate learning as the students are tasked
with solving challenges that require higher order and critical thinking.

The influences of the blending of WP & STEAM can be seen in television
programs that cater to children, youth, and kids. From games like HALO,
Fortnight and Minecraft and others youth and teens are already
exposed to technological wonders. The ability to transform learning to
digital wonders and potentials of developing AI, VR and MR.

Science Technology Engineering Arts Math / Music / Metaverse / AI /
VR are providing new learning adventures for children of color and culture
that are behind in engagement to their counterparts that are involved
and excelling, participating in activities in school and with clubs that have
money and resources. The disadvantaged communities need to be
supported to attend WC, this is why I sponsor students and teachers to
attend African WordCamp conferences in Nigeria, Uganda, Kenya,
and other venues. Not just providing sponsorships, but also to provide
Spatial Metaverse Galleries to support the speakers and organizers.
WordCamp Europe 2023 can be seen here.

Parents “drive your kids to WP and  STEAM events not just a moment,
nor is it a movement, but a reality to prepare youth, teens and
young adults for careers not even created yet. Parents must
prepare their children now to be educated, employable,
sustainable and scalable to flow with the changing directions
happening with technology, creativity, innovation, and web

Parents get your children involved early so they can develop
excitement to learn and be life-long learners. Expose them to
networking skills and business skills so they can grow into
entrepreneurs and be able to talk the talk of business and walk
the walk of business owners.

The future is here with technology, it is not in the future,
but present. Prepare children to employable, scalable leaders
and influencers from attending conferences, workshops and

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