“What Does the Metaverse Mean for the Future of WordPress?”

“What Does the Metaverse Mean for the Future of WordPress?”
William Jackson, M.Ed.
World Metaverse Council Member
Blacks In Technology Jacksonville, Fl
GatherVerse Metaverse Community
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Blog on My Quest To Teach
I have blogged various versions of this in the past and it
seems to continue to grow and expand with a mind of its

Recently returning from WordCamp Buffalo and preparing for
WordCamp Europe and WordCamp US there is a growing shift
in the thinking, evolution, adaptations to diverse digital tools,
platforms, apps and programs that people are using to build,
create and access digital content.

The Metaverse, AI, VR are just a few of the influencers that are
taking the lead in inviting, allowing and forcing the WP world to
take notice and take note to the now of the future and what the
future maybe bringing. Prosperity or Hell

Web development will never be the same with people using AI to
build content, AI is creating digital art, exploring the digital
collaborations with human thinking and rationalities.
Since building the first Spatial Metaverse for WordCamp Jinja
of Uganda in Africa the drive is on to facilitate learning,
development, growth and business advances to a new era
and artificial intelligences that are expanding and influencing
human thinking, creativity and digital innovations.

What does the Metaverse mean for the future of WordPress?
let see where our minds are leading us to.