“What Does the Metaverse Mean for the Future of WordPress?”

“What Does the Metaverse Mean for the Future of WordPress?”
William Jackson, M.Ed.
My Quest To Teach
WordPress Community Member since 2010
World Metaverse Council Member
GatherVerse Community
BIT Blacks In Technology Jacksonville, Fl.
One Africa Forum
VictoryXR & Engage

Since 2021 my wife and I have been involved in the Metaverse
Global Community and earned our Certifications as VR (Virtual
Reality) educators from VictoryXR and Engage. This has opened
multiple opportunities to be consultants, speakers, sponsors
and influencers across multiple platforms.

This adds an additional element to our being STEAM+M Educators
as the changes of technology influence not just education, but
business, commerce, and politics. Having engagement in virtual
environments allows another version of human existence to be
seen and expanded. We cannot escape the influence of the
Metaverse, not just for the current thinking of gaming and
gamification, but the use of immersive technologies to broaden
the reach of engagements and collaborations globally.

The changes in technology and the demands for continued education
and applied learning of the Metaverse, Infiniverse and Immersive
Technologies will grow in its influence in how WordPress will move
forward in Metaverse engagements. Creating immersive platforms
and environments now is a priority across education, business,
commerce and diverse industries.

Web development is changing, it is influenced and increasingly
infused with AI (Artificial Intelligences), WordPress must be
able to pivot and adapt to the growing changes and adaptations
in creating content across digital platforms.

The problem of integrating technologies is to make it seamless
and how it can be beneficial to the developers, programmers,
coders, graphic designers, artists and more. The solutions are
adapting to immersive environments and being involved in the
Metaverse connecting to those with the passion of creativity
and innovation. You have to be passionate, you have to be
engaged and you have to be in love with the humanistic elements
that make WordPress / WordCamps wonderful.

The first WordCamp conference My Quest To Teach has
worked with has been WordCamp Jinja, Uganda, Africa
where the first Spatial Metaverse Gallery was created
to highlight the Organizers and Speakers
attending and the local commerce and visitors events.

Seen here Jinja  https://tinyurl.com/2k3jj3yz
WordPress is being influenced because of it’s digital presence
and connections to evolving technologies of content creation,
web development, digital commerce and the effects that spread
across 45% to 55% of web development globally.

Matt Mullenweg, stated about this from a question that I asked
in 2022….
The time has arrived sooner than later because of the growth of
AI that was not foreseen, the ability of coders, developers and
innovators in these areas to leap and bound faster and further
than could be imagined.

As an educator of 33 years in public education, professor in
higher education and a past NASA instructor. My wife and I
have viewed and participated in multiple events where the
web as the world knows it has changed and continues to change.
Creating several immersive sites  since 2022
WordCamp Jinja in Uganda, Africa https://tinyurl.com/cfn9j29c
and WordCamp Entebbe,
Uganda Africa and others.
WordCamp Entebbe – https://tinyurl.com/2p9yv2v7

Being a part of the WordPress community since 2010 and seeing
the shifts, transitions, adaptations and pivots of technology,
it is important that the WP community see the changes to come
and adapts to how it will influence the careers of developers,
coders, graphic artists, designers and others.

To this point 8 Spatial Galleries have been created for
WordCamp conferences and active on the Metaverse,
this will gradually increase because of the youthful and
younger audiences that are being attracted to immersive
gaming sites, immersive entertainment and the growth
of devices that can access environments that use avatars.

Letting people know to build their avatars now before the
digital rush…. LOL  using Ready Player Me to build “their”
person for the future, now and be prepared for immersive
meetings, conferences, interviews and even dates.

If technology companies, organizations are not
current or offer the appropriate training to employees
they will fall to the side as past memories because
technology will not wait on anyone.
Companies should not just layoff employees because
technology seems to improve productivity, there is more
to running and managing a company.

Looking at global companies that are laying off
employees with diverse multiple digital skills, in order to
stay active.  Letting these employees go can delay and
stop their business influence, because those same
employees that are being let go can move a company
further to the future.
These employees that are being fired, let go and surplused
will be the explorers, agents of digital change and new
digital creators and innovators that will make continued
changes. What business wants to fight against an employee
they let go or fired who has built their own digital and metaverse
business. The signs, symptoms, and elements are here that the
Metaverse is not going away. It is here to stay and is influencial
and powerful. What are you going to do about it??

WPYall Birmingham Alabama

Our latest project is WordCamp Buffalo, New York with links,
photos, videos and engagements https://tinyurl.com/3rhxzz88
the future project includes
WordCamp Masaka
This is one way WordCamp Conferences will expand and engage.