Ministry to Technology to Evangelism, Where Corona has Taken Us

Ministry to Technology to Evangelism, Where Corona has Taken Us
William and his wife (Aida) are members of
San Jose Church of Christ in Jacksonville, Florida.
They are Certified VR and STEAM+M Educators,
World Metaverse Council Education Community
and GatherVerse / GatherVerse Africa Community.

Globally technology is changing education, business, commerce,
collaboration, trade, and being integrated into ministry globally.
The process of professional development is being pivoted for
educators and business owners. This includes those in ministry
as their “calling.”
Not to forget those in ministry preaching, teaching, evangelizing
and testify to the truth of the Lord Christ. Using technology to
share the faiths of Christians and our global connection to
Christ with other believers.

Technology has taken a giant leap since the pandemic and
has forced millions of people nationally and globally to change
the way they use technology and even social media platforms.
Ministry is not left out of this major change.

People being isolated from covid have learned new worlds
of digital engagement, digital and immersive worship, digital
connections that bring praying virtually to be normalized,
virtual travels around the world to “Holy” locations, streaming
of ministries and lectures that include ministers teaching
and speaking on Zoom, TEAMS, YouTube conferences
and Instagram, and Facebook engagements.

STEAM+M – Science Technology Engineering Arts Math
Metaverse are growing educational initiatives that are
defining the learning foundations of youth, teens, and young
adults. Ministry is included in this great migration to digital
platforms and social engagements.

Educators with these multiple skills are in high demand because
they have developed curriculums that can be used virtually.
Ministers are no different, they are becoming digital rockstars
as they are broadcasting locally, nationally, and globally.
Ministers like those in the Church of Christ across the nation
and the globe are using social media to connect to their
congregations and if the digital infrastructure is stable there
are interactions and collaborations.

Proper training in diverse areas of technology, are key initiatives
that are building employable skill sets in a digital age where
the metaverse is growing. Churches are building on the Metaverse,
in spaces like AltSpace VR that has multiple churches. Unfortunately, Microsoft has cancelled this platform, thus forcing churches to other platforms like Engage where my wife and I are Certified VR Educators.

The value and influence of technology is influential in millions of lives. Technology requires the skills and abilities that businesses are
demanding and require for the future workforce.
Churches are considered “employable” options for those in ministry
and evangelism.

Even ministries are looking at the skills of their ministers to be sure
they can preach and teach virtually. Ministers must adapt to being
virtual and apply more energy and engagement to digital audiences.
The caution for ministers is to stay humble and focused on Christ.
Not to fall into the mind-set of being a digital rockstar and loosing
their focus and the calling of Christ. This means that using technology
to promote themselves first should be cautioned against.

Reading Books is Lit
Reading the Bible is Awesome 

The focus is to promote Christ first above anything and everything.
People want to see their ministers, evangelists, preachers, excited
even more so because they are online. Growing congregations are
selling their buildings because in person attendance is down and
“virtual church” has grown tremendously.
There are still monetary benefits from having church online, the
biggest is the maintenance of a physical building.
Now more ministries are hiring so called “digital experts” to create
strategies for their ministries to attract potential new members
and using multiple streams of collecting funds to pay their ministers,
staff, technologists and the technology itself.

The idea that God is on social media can be applied in ministerial
pursuits has ministries scrambling to obtain high speed Internet
access, building web sites, Facebook pages, Twitter accounts,
Instagram pages, YouTube channels, Tik Toc accounts and now
getting into Web 3 and The Metaverse.

The Metaverse contains ministries of Christ that reach people
and bring the gospel and share the death, burial, and resurrection
of Christ in dramatic and animated displays that bring conversations,
arguments, discussions and questions of what is the best way to
deploy and use tech. Studying scripture, what if the disciples had
social media and would Christians follow Paul and others on their
physical and digital journeys?

Churches must adapt and revolutionize their ability to stream
content, broadcast evangelism and reach the masses that are
lost from the gospel.

William and Aida
William and Aida

My wife (Aida Correa-Jackson) and I share our passion for
STEAM, Technology, Social Media, Metaverse and integrating
these in ministry in Africa and India. There is a big gap in these
nations because of access to high-speed Internet so much is
done with Smartphone, on YouTube and other platforms.

Being labeled Digital Evangelists means, integrating tech,
sharing the faith, collaborating locally, nationally, and globally.
Providing resources for study and engagement. Using platforms
to teach using Facebook, Let The Bible Speak TV in collaboration
across the Internet.

Youth, teens and young adults need to have opportunities to build
their technology skills to be the digital leaders their ministries will
need in the future as technology continues to grow in influence
and evolution. Many ministerial schools cannot provide the necessary instruction so ministries need to fill the learning gaps of how to
minister on digital platforms.

The technology of content creation can cross geographical boundaries
and bring those of other faiths together for a common good as it has
with myself and my family (Christian). Providing opportunities to
speak with others of different faiths.  Not necessarily to share the
differences of our faith, but how we can work together to build
community, collaborate to help the homeless, jobless, and single
parents both men and women.

Ministries are taking the task of helping immigrants resettle,
find resources, assist with finding childcare, schools for children
and even parent care in new communities. Helping people is
a command for most faiths.


The new variants of COVID19 have caused numbers of
fluxuation and ministries are struggling with closing their
doors again, reducing attendance and going full virtual.
Using digital tools like Facebook, Instagram, Tic Tok, Twitter,
Clubhouse, YouTube and others that have long reaches
where faith, friendships, and fellowship grow.

Christ is abound on digital tools, because our faith of having
the spirit of God in us wherever we go we share it through
our words, deeds and actions. Where even professional
educators, administrators, and educational advocates can
meet in safe places to share ideas for ministerial educational
reforms that actually benefit children, families, and
communities to share Christ.

My Quest To Teach
My Quest To Teach

Ministries must continue to embrace technology and even
require their ministers, evangelist, preachers. and others in
leadership to know beyond basic skills so they can build
relationships digitally. There are millions of people that are
challenged with mobility issues, visual challenges, hearing
challenges that can be reached with technology

The questions of should ministries start using social media
has been answered. If ministries are not, they are possibly
denying the gospel to home and hospital bound people.
We are tasks to take the gospel everywhere even digitally,
if Christians are not then the devil will.

If we cannot physically go to were the people are then we
must digitally go to where they are and share our faith.
In ministry we are supposed to go where the people are
to save souls and keep souls saved everywhere even on
the Metaverse and Immersive Environments where
there are people that are lost from the gospel.

William and his wife Aida are members of the Church of
Christ Ministries and often share their faith and connect
with others of diverse faith to talk about using tech,
social media, metaverse and digital platforms to reach
those that are physically challenged.
Technology when applied correctly can be used in
mental health and wellness, addressing the issues of
mobility challenged individuals, and hospital bound.

Streaming at 

Social Media and the Church of Christ
Social Media and the Church of Christ