Crossing Digital Bridges Before the River Rises

Crossing Digital Bridges Before The River Rises
William Jackson, M.Ed.
Member of: 
World Metaverse Council
GatherVerse / GatherVerse Africa

There are always digital bridges to cross when involved in
technology. Learning never stops, your mind and intellect
must be able to pivot, adapt, accept, comply, invite and
dream where technology may take you in the future.

From 2019 to 2022 were challenging years, but it was an
eye opener for me and Aida and thousands of other
educators. The interesting thing about the transition
that teachers for years have been threatened, suggested,
informed and told to be ready. Unfortunately many were
not…… The Internet was….

We were so blessed to be participating in multiple online
conferences and events that have broadened our knowledge
and attention to what is going on globally with technology.
It is not just Coding, Programming, Web Development, Web 3,
AI, VR, Metaverse, IOT(Internet Of Things) there is
Science Technology Engineering Arts Math Metaverse,
Design and Modeling. Unfortunately schools seem to be
focused on learning models that emphasis testing and
assessments not creativity, imagination and accomplishment.

Youth, teens and young adults in the United States have
so many options and opportunities, but must take
advantage of each chance to prepare for their futures.
Learning must continue outside of schools in fun ways
that build values and ideas as well. There are more kids
that want to be nerds, blerds, geeks and gamers than
athletes, and that is ok, but the geeks, blerds, nerds
and others should be celebrated to!!

We have got to prepare our children for a future that
will require them being producers, creators, builders,
innovators not just consumers. It is hard to consume
if you are not employed to the point were you can
afford to make those purchases that satisfy the eyes.
We have to prepare children to be the problem solvers,
thought leaders and critical thinkers this world will
need and is in demand now.

Education will have to pivot, migrate, evolve and
change to meet the needs and demands of what is to
come. When I was teaching at elementary schools and
then the middle school I retired from, I would
introduce digital works of building, modeling,
creating that build students and open their eyes
to new careers.

We have to make sure our children, youth, teens and
young adults are prepared for the digital world where
robots and AI will take away jobs that do not comply
with technology. Using IOT Internet Of Things where
humans are taught to work next to robots, using AI
to increase thought leadership not just to write

Jobs that are being replaced with technology, jobs
that are making humans become the under, un and
ill prepared and employed. How can you expect to
be gainfully employed by any technology company
if you cannot read, comprehend, write, embrace
creativity, understand what is innovation and
embrace diversity, encourage equity and want

Look at Walmart, Publix, Winn Dixie, and other
“jobs” youth and teens use to have access to,
now technology knowledge is a necessity and
demanded and people are being replaced with
machines. This is science and economic facts.

There is no one answer, but to have youth,
teens and young adults prepared for the future
inside and outside of schools. Not just playing
video games, not just listening to music and
watching music videos all day. Not just chillin
in the house and doing “nuthin” this will lead
to consequences that impact the ability to be
productive and employable or even to be an

Education is not just in the classroom, education
comes with being involved and engaged in the
community. Parents be sure to talk with your
child(ren) to understand what their vision is
for their careers and goals for the future.
Graduations are exciting, highlighting the
current successes and achievements, but what
about the future goals and dreams to be achieved.
You have to understand that a “certificate of
completion” is just as valuable as the paper.
Try using it to get a career with Google, Microsoft,
Apple, Nike, Puma.

Get your high school diploma or GED!!
Many school districts across the nation have
similar programs, this is just one example.

Careers in AI, VR, MR, XR, PR, IOT, Web 3, NFT’s.
Web Development, Social Media Manager, Coder,
Programmer,  Content Creator and other careers
that require you to read, write, create, comprehend,
understand, apply, build on, modify and so on.

Be increasingly proactive, pro-engaged,
pro-education, pro-careers for the future.
There should be a plan from either 8th grade
to graduation or 9th grade to graduation.
Preparation is important because if you don’t
plan to succeed, you may be blindly planning
to fail and meet with greater challenges for
the future being ignorant to the constant and
rapidly changing world where the United States
of America is behind in so many ways.

Teaching over 33 years not just in schools,
but in community centers, after school programs,
summer camps, alternative centers, detention
centers and during conferences and workshops.
Teaching in higher education for years and seeing
how prepared and sometimes unprepared students
are is scary and troubling.
Most times being the only Black male educator,
Black male presenter, Black male role model or
mentor. Representation does matter, but that
representation must understand it only matters
if those that see you value you and what you
bring to the table for them to grow.

Look around you and see how the world is
different with technologies that were being
developed 10 to 5 years ago and people had
no clue what was going on and now BAM!!!
It is here !! Listen and Learn what is going
on not just in your city, but neighborhoods,
counties, states, nations and the world.

It does not matter if people do not like the
global economy, we are in a global economy
that is influential by the nature of our
ability to contribute in our children’s
futures. There are youth, teens and young
adults in Africa, Asia, India and the Philippines
that American youth, teens and young adults will
be competing against for careers, not just

At 60 I would never have imagined learning about
a Metaverse, learning about Podcasting, learning
about IOT, Web 3, NFTs and digital junctions
of the mind and machine learning, but it is a
reality now!! Being an entrepreneur is fun, exciting,
scary, challenging and sometimes overwhelming.
I thank God for my ability to read, comprehend,
understand, grow and elevate. Ignorance is not
bliss, it is dangerous!!

Now my wife (Aida) and I will continue to grow
as we will be teaching in Athens, Greece.
An Afro-Latina and African American, sharing
our diversity with pride, representation and
dedication to teaching youth, teens and young
adults how to apply technology. Not just playing
games, not just playing music, but learning
skills to allow youth, teens and young adults to
go to the next level.

If you’re in Athens, Greece, June 8th, 2023
WordCamp Europe 2023 is providing a Youth Camp
that we are happy to be teaching. Let’s grow
together, share knowledge together, respect
each other and have fun together.
If your interested in WordCamp Europe 2023.

William and Aida in June 2023 they will be teaching at
the Afrofuturism Experience Digital Arts Fest 23 and
inviting Artists locally, nationally and globally to
attend, participate and share their Digital Arts.
Digital Artist in the ages of 10yrs to 16yrs will have
a special arts program just for them. Inviting those
with a talent for creating digital art in Duval County,
Jacksonville, Florida.
This is a FREE event for the youth and teens. Criteria
and rules for participating are here:


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