“What Does the Metaverse Mean for the Future of WordPress?”


“What Does the Metaverse Mean for the Future of WordPress?”

William Jackson, M.Ed. My Quest To Teach
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The changes in technology and the demands for continued
education and applied learning of the Metaverse, Infiniverse
and Immersive Technologies will grow in its influence in how
WordPress will move forward in Web 3 Metaverse engagements.

Web development is changing, and WordPress must be able to
pivot and adapt to the growing changes and adaptations in
creating content. The problem of integrating technologies is
to make it seamless and how it can be beneficial to the
developers, programmers, coders, graphic designers, artists
and more. The solutions are adapting to immersive environments
with education and being involved in the Metaverse connecting
to those with the passion of creativity and innovation.

Digital environments are becoming the norm, business and
education are being influenced by people that are creative and
innovative. The Metaverse is not just for gaming, there are
creative opportunities, digital learning experiences,
collaborations being conducted daily. The Oculus, no matter
what type is standard equipment for so many people today
and growing in future use.

WordPress is being influenced because of it’s digital presence
and connections to evolving technologies of content creation.
Even Mr. Mullenweg, the co-founder of WordPress admits the
influences to come. How WordPress will be influenced, and
influencing the purposes of more immersive sites.
Matt Mullenweg, stated one day there will be a merging of the
two but not soon; in this exchange Matt is speaking with
William Jackson of My Quest To Teach about the evolutions
and scaling of digital environments

As an educator of 33 years in public education, professor in
higher education and a past NASA instructor. I have viewed
and participated in multiple events where the web as we know
it has changed and continues to change. Creating several
immersive sites the most recent for WordCamp Jinja in Uganda,
Africa, where my company created several Spatial Galleries
to show the influence of immersive environments at WordCamp

WordCamp Jinja

The take-aways for the community are to be ready to pivot from
static and traditional web designs to Web 3 and immersive
sites that embed and incorporate Web 3 technologies. The
development of Web 3 immersive technologies can be seen as
far back as 5 years but did not expand as it has done in the last 2 years.
The value base has risen as more and more people understand and
appreciate what can be created and integrated across digital platforms.

Several WordCamps WordCamp CR in San Jose, Costa Rica, WordCamp Y’all and WordCamp Entebbe, Uganda, Africa are experiencing increased numbers of speakers and workshops related to Immersive Technologies. Using the platform Spatial.io to build and incorporate digital tools.

Being a part of the WordPress community since 2010 and seeing
the shifts, transitions, adaptations, and pivots of technology, it is
important that the WP community see the changes to come and
adapts to how it will influence the careers of developers,
coders, and content creators.

As an educator people need to understand there is a blending of
the two, the benefits and challenges to come as content becomes
immersive and increasingly engaging. Where avatars are us and we
are digital representations of ourselves.

A key consideration is the inclusion of diversity of gender, culture,
and generation. The changes in tech make it important that the
acceptance of diverse voices are heard, understood, respected and
embraced for humanity and our continued ability to coexist in an
ever changing and digital world.

Speaking at multiple WordCamp conferences since 2017 I share
discussions on how the human voice is important and the influences
of new technologies to come. Using Create My Voice with voice
protocols to have my blog read through Alexa and Google.
Changes are here and continue to scale.


I thank my WordPress community for their support, encouragement,
vision, voices and building a beautiful network of similar mind-sets
and goals. “Code is Poetry,” and “Content is King / Engagement is Queen” should be understood and appreciated. The application of mind-sets
and visions for adaptation and even revolution are coming.
As a Spatial Developer providing Spatial Galleries on the Metaverse
to WordCamp conferences, this provides a different and futurist
vision to technology conferences. WordPress will gradually adapt,
change, revolutionize, pivot and grow because of immersive

WordCamp Entebbe Uganda Africa

WordCamp Jinja Uganda Africa

WordCamp CR Costa Rica Central America

WordCamp Sevilla Spain