The Metaverse & ChatGPT Opening Doors for Blacks and Hispanics to Compete Globally

The Metaverse & ChatGPT Opening Doors for Blacks and Hispanics to  Compete
William Jackson, M.Ed. Certified VR and STEAMM Educator
My Quest To Teach

Technology is providing increasing opportunities for Black and Hispanic
people to express themselves in ways never imagined, not just 10 years
ago the social media spectrum exploded. Blacks and Hispanics embraced
what they saw as a way to level the playing fields of inclusion, equality of
access and bridging the digital divide.

Blacks for years have been left out, neglected, disconnected, seen as
unprepared and not smart enough to embrace the changes in fields of
technology. Web 2.0 and Web 3.0 is providing new choices  to be dynamic
content creators and digital innovators. Black and Hispanics should be
running to embrace a tool that can move them forward in their thinking,
speaking and comprehension of language and its ability to move higher.
The two main applications ChatGPT and the Metaverse are phenomenal
tools that can build a mind-set of competitiveness, collaboration and unity.
These growing pieces of the technology pie are making transformative
changes a possibility.

Blacks and Hispanics once they understand the “language of their profession”
can no longer be denied and ignored. The Metaverse is providing multiple
ways for people of color to share their skills, talents and abilities in digital
environments in The Arts, Medicine, Innovation, Education and other areas
that are beneficial and supportive to build knowledge, connections, and

Even though there are thousands being laid off, this will show if people will
break-away with their skills, talents, abilities and faith to pivot into different
directions and different career choices.  The use of ChatGPT is an assistive
technology that brings the “how to” to Blacks “that don’t know.”
The growth of innovation spaces exponentially dominating the
discussions of Blacks and Hispanics because they are empowered,
educated, and inspired to sound like their counterparts. The tools now
put Blacks and Hispanic on the same levels in writing, comprehension,
critical thinking and judgements of creating content.

Blacks and Hispanics need to take advantage of new technologies
that allow for continued learning, changes in thinking and the management
of their time.

The push now is on for getting Black and Hispanic students active,
engaged in the metaverse, and applying ChatGPT for writing. Creating
digital content that is equal to if not superior than their white counter-parts.
I’m not advocating dissension, revolution, disobedience, I’m advocating for
the language and thinking development to grow so doors will open. Where
businesses cannot say that “their” spelling is incorrect, “their” grammar is
ghetto or sounds inappropriate.

I’m advocating for allowing assistive technologies like ChatGPT to build
the abilities of youth, teens and young adults to be able to write, speak,
and comprehend at new levels.

The Metaverse, Blockchain, NFT’s and other areas have opened
new areas for learning and new opportunities to build wealth,
influence, build personal brands and professional branding
opportunities. These benefit individuals that have the Artistic
spark, but not the access to resources to promote themselves.
The Metaverse can be that Artistic Gallery a young artist needs
to start a promising career, that fashion designer to build a
digital portfolio so millions have access, for the poets, and
spoken word artists to hold digital gathers where they are not
limited by distances and time zones.

Gaming is not the only areas for youth, teens, and young adults
to learn. As a STEAM Educator, I’m working to teach students
about skills that build critical thinking, higher order thinking skills,
how to be digital entrepreneurs and understand the value of
digital collaboration.

The use of augmenting of realities, virtual realities, and AI are
allowing Black and Hispanics to have the proper tone!!
People can celebrate the personal experiences and perspectives
each person can bring to the digital table of creativity, innovation,
exploration and discovery. Learning is NOT limited to the
classrooms where teachers maybe running from technology,
are not applying technology or to old to understand technology.

People of color know they can help create solutions that work better
for youth, teens and young adults that look like them, think like them
and importantly create like them. Using the access is able to build,
expand and allow for deeper collaborations.

The world of the metaverse does not care what color you are, what
gender you are, your religious preferences, educational levels, nor
what is in your bank account. Here you can own stuff; ideas, property,
Art, digital land and create your world. Whether you’re just starting
out in tech or you have the experience to lead, you’ll have work that
you can create that challenges you to be creative and innovative.
Building your creativity and innovative skills will drive your success
to build your community and support others that are around you
in your community.

There are potential collaborations, cooperation’s, that include
risk-taking and networking. The metaverse will require being part of
diverse communities. Your community that looks like you, that talks
like you, that acts like you and is willing to grow and is passionate
like you to provide services, resources, education and building
lives to be better and to grow.

Always have conversations where-ever you are.  A simple chat
and connection with someone might inspire a drastic change
in your career choice or collaborations for the future.
As a STEAMM Educator and involved in technology on multiple
levels in elementary, middle school and higher education I tell
my students don’t be afraid to take a risk, learn as much as
you can, make sure your collaborating and don’t wait for the
right opportunity to come to you. You go after it with excitement
and intelligence.

Be creative, be innovative and go after your dreams.
The Metaverse is calling Black people and people of color and
culture to show their innovation and creativity. Use ChatGPT
to get your writing started, create your Blog, define your Podcast,
start your strategies to be an entrepreneur.

Get your Metaverse and your ChatGPT on brothers and sisters!