Entering into the New Year – How Can Black Male Teachers Build Excellence in Students

Entering into the New Year – How Can Black Male Teachers Build Excellence in Students
William Jackson, M.Ed. Certified VR & STEAMM Educator
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The educational process is filled with strategies, guidelines,
accumulating data, building self-esteem, mentoring and
assessments that gauge learning. Black male teachers are
learning leaders; they are the inspirations for creativity and
provide opportunities for innovation in learning.

Education is only as successful as the teacher in the classroom.
The ability by the teacher to “see” the great potential of each
student and even when students doubt themselves, the teacher
is the motivating force for students to see past their challenges
and excel where there maybe apprehension and even fear of

It is known that societies prosper when all students receive a
great education by passionate and purposeful teachers. The
issue may be that not everyone wants all students to receive
an equal education. The reality is that neighborhoods,
communities, cities, states, and nations are only as economically
and societally strong as its lowest level students.

Teachers, particularly Black Male Teachers have a unique opportunity
to empower in responsibility to provide a nurturing, inclusive, fair,
culturally relevant (for all students), and gender free environment.
When I say gender free, that means that all students no matter their
gender identity are provided opportunities that are equal for all students.
They are challenged and held to expectations where they are working
to the best of “their” abilities as students. Not held to the standards of
being a “boy” or “girl,” or anything else. Educators are hired to prepare students for their futures, not for the futures of politicians, not for gaining
re-election, political and social gains.

Educators are provided tools necessary that meet their students learning nuances. There are discussions, dialogues, debates and even arguments in many of these areas; as a teacher of 33 years the reality of the influence and impact fullness of Black Male Teachers is important. Students must “see” diversity, they must experience collaboration, cooperation and be challenged to rise to excellence and the expectations of being prepared for the world.

Education is not just “chalk and talk,” hiding history, changing facts to help people feel safe and secure in their own lies and deceptions. Duval County Public Schools has learned that it’s Black Male Teachers have a place and
are making a difference in the classrooms across the district. Black male teachers are not just Coaches, Deans, Disciplinarians, “Muscle Men” used to scare students straight.

Not to take anything away from other educators, Black Male Teachers are providing resources that allow students to be prepared culturally and enabled to accept diversity. The diversity of classrooms are also the dynamics of seeing the changes that have been happening globally and building students not just to be educational leaders, and academic success stories, but to carry the scope of the value and need for Black Male Teachers.

Because of the Black Male Teachers ability to “reach across” cultural lines
and connect with students, many students benefit from having a Black Male Teacher. Having taught STEM, STEAM, and before retiring teaching STEAMM Science Technology Engineering Arts Math Metaverse it was a joy to have students to engage and contribute to the learning that was taking place in
my classroom. Thinking collectively, broadly in the community with collaboration and future career options.

The students were not just attending, they were contributing to building themselves as leaders, mentors, and creators. Black Male Teachers are innovative and responsive to their students because their superpowers
are honed by years of preparing themselves for challenges they have and continue to face.

There are strategies that Black Male Teachers use to build their
connection with students, to bridge the gaps of color, culture, generation,
and expectations of excellence of success.

10 strategies that are used foster and encourage success in the classroom by Black Male Teachers:
1. Foster a positive learning environment: Create a classroom culture
that is welcoming, supportive, and respectful. Encourage students to
take an active role in their own learning and become producers of excellent behaviors.
2. Encourage high expectations: Set high expectations for academic performance, excellence and behavior that promotes respect. Provide students with the support and resources they need to meet those expectations and give positive feedback.
3. Use culturally responsive teaching methods: Use teaching methods, resources and materials that reflect the diversity of the classroom and
help students understand and appreciate different cultures and experiences.
If there is a denial of understanding of cultures in the classroom or school,
this breeds negative energies that can create an atmosphere of disrespect, mistrust, and potential for racism.
4. Engage with parents and communities: Build strong relationships with parents and  members of the community. Work togethering to support student learning and success and seeing the world globally. When I taught
at Twin Lakes Academy Middle each project I encouraged students to put
their cultural backgrounds into teach activity.
5. Encourage personal and social growth: Encourage students to
develop their social and emotional skills, help them build confidence,
self-respect, resilience, and self-esteem.

6. Provide opportunities for hands-on, experiential learning: Use hands-on, experiential learning techniques, such as project-based learning and
service learning, to help students understand and retain information.
Black Male Teachers have diverse backgrounds so
they are very creative and innovative.
7. Use technology and other resources: Use technology and other
resources, such as online learning platforms and virtual field trips,
professional guests, the Internet and growing metaverse of
immersive environments to engage students and enhance their
learning experiences and choices.
8. Encourage a growth mindset: Encourage students to see
challenges as opportunities to learn and grow, help them develop
a growth mindset and a global perspective of the world.
9. Foster a love of learning: Schools and classrooms should foster
an atmosphere of excited learning, enthusiastic discovery, and
exploration. Encourage students to explore their interests and
passions, help them develop a love of learning that will last a lifetime.
10. Provide ongoing support and guidance: Offer ongoing support
and guidance to help students stay motivated and on track, provide opportunities for students to ask questions and get help when
they need it.

These are just a few of the tools, resources, and strategies that
Black Male Teachers use every day in their classrooms and in
their schools. Black Male Teachers are worth more than gold,
they are the salt of the field of schools. When applied and supported
the salt can cleanse, restore, empower, sanitize and magnify the
skills, talents, gifts of students.