LinkedIn Strategies for Central American Technologists

LinkedIn Strategies for Central American Technologists
William Jackson, M.Ed.

The use of diverse technologies to promote personal
and entrepreneurial growth has grown exponentially
over the course of several years. Building relationships
online is strategic, planned and executed to obtain
maximum visibility and collaborations.
Being visible online is required to establish relevancy,
respect and recognition for professional and even
personal achievements.

The WordCamp community in Central America has
grown to awesome levels of involvement, engagement
and influence. WordCamp conferences have allowed so
many web developers, programmers, graphic designers
and entrepreneurs to build their businesses.

Higher education students are learning very competitive
career choices and applying their skills and talents
online to increase their visibility and employability. There
should be a plan to master the skills of networking,
collaboration and cooperation.

Central America developers, programmers, coders should
be learning different strategies before graduating from higher
education. Technology is more than Snap Chat, Tik Tok, and
other current or future social media diverges. There should
be a strategy developed to allow for building businesses.

Transitioning from Education to Business Entrepreneur:
Moving from educational lifestyles to professional
lifestyles can be stressful, uncertain, and daunting.
Central Americans are learning as much as possible
about how to Brand, build a Brand, Market your Brand,
Market your abilities, talents, strengths, and ambitions
can mean the difference in struggling to gain an entry
level position to starting off in midlevel positions with
leadership growth potentials and salaries to match.

As a business owner, professor teaching, speaker at
multiple conferences and blogger for newspapers.
I have provided instruction in Educational Technology
that guides the Education students to use a combination
of low and medium tech to Market.

Applying educational strategies that focus on content
that engages and learning that builds their skills, talents,
interest that potential employees on LinkedIn or other
platforms can see and build potential collaboration.
Central America is a beautiful diversity of cultures, colors,
and talents. There is an increasing number of Central Americans
that use WordPress to elevate them to better lives, improved
economic access and build their educational skills-sets.

The Central America nations of Belize, Costa Rica, El Salvador,
Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, and Panama. Each are building
consistent WordPress Meetups, established WordCamp conferences
and other events that allow for collaboration.
Central Americans understand the importance of education that
builds digital skills, enhances knowledge and provides critical and
creative thinking.

LinkedIn is a digital resource where Central Americans can reach
out over distances and connect with many to collaborate, employ
others and open opportunities for collaboration. WordCamp
conferences can be found at
to find the nearest and next conference.

My Personal Profile:

Science Technology Engineering Arts Math Metaverse
will begin to open new doors in technology that everyone
is excited about.  Applying the skills and talents related to
WordCamp and the WordPress community.
Even with approaching the use of tech for business and
entrepreneurialism there is a cross-instructional piece that
can be applied to business and education. Sharing strategies
that I apply in LinkedIn for personal and business uses I hope
these can be applied by those in Central America.
Education is traditionally behind business, technology, arts,
entrepreneurial development. Interesting enough the
profession of education continues to fall behind in all
areas preparing students and yet educators prepare youth
to be the adults that inspire the building of the future.

What a great future for Central Americans in tech, futures
of visions that include the vision of Web 3, Web 4, IOT 4, ?
5, 6 and above. Knowledge when applied properly is powerful
The Metaverse is not coming it is here and growing, Central
America can be a powerhouse and influencer.

Central America Strategies for LinkedIn:
1. Showcase your knowledge on LinkedIn in areas that you’re
majoring in and trying to gain entrance. Using microblogging,
traditional blogging and even podcasting can help gain visibility.
2. When listening to Podcasts find subject areas that you can
connect with and potentially be a future guest so you can
share statistics, data driven results and the scalability of
information. Let your voice be heard.
3. Do not allow impostor syndrome to stop you from
sharing your knowledge. All it takes is a few minutes to
attract followers and a few good observations.
4. Show your value with the information you are learning.
Regurgitate it with your spin that brings new attention
can be applied to a new audience.
5. Don’t short sell yourself, know your value and your worth.
6. Grow your connections over time. Do not try to grow your
audience to fast or overnight.
7. Show interest of other people when reading content,
instead of just posting content continuously read or view
what others are posting and provide feedback.
8. Seek engagement, building relationships that built
friendships, partnerships for potentially future collaborations.
9. If you tag people make sure they will respond to you,
and you respond to them.
10. Be mindful of your content. Comment on what is trending try
not to comment on old news.
11. Have a list of people that will engage with you. Follow them
and engage with content that promotes connections and collaborations.
12. When reading LinkedIn posts think about your replies before you
reply to stay on the subject, not taking it to another direction.
13. Higher education students in Central America should build their
networks before graduation. It is easier to build a following slowly
than to struggle in building a following with no strategies and no plan.
14. Put Hash Tags in your postings to draw more attention to your content
or others to expand more engagement.
15. LinkedIn should show what you revolve around, your interests, your
ideologies and your future directions.
16. Follow politicians, academics, economic experts and investors.
17. Work to be a storyteller as well. People love to follow and engage
with storytellers.
18. Connect with others across borders, counties and from Central
American and South America.
19. Remember the purpose of LinkedIn to network and share content.
When possible create content in Spanish and English.
20. Don’t be afraid to follow educators and newspaper professionals
on LinkedIn.

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