Repost from Rejuvenate 2021 Edition 4

Andrew Tae

1. Collaboration is better than competition.
Collaboration opens doors for new opportunities
to inspire, educate, empower and grow.

2. Communities cannot rely on the government
to help them. When relying on the government
you start to loose yourself and loose focus
and the fire and thirst for an independent life.

3.History has shown that people of color rely
on the government they put themselves and their
children behind by decades because many grow
comfortable in the process of colonized
thinking and reliance.

4. Education is still the key to growing out
of poverty. Read multiple books and allow your
mind to grow out of colonized thinking and

5. Collaborate with others that are not in
poverty and learn from them. Make yourself
needed and dependable.

6. Do not get complacent with hand-outs.
One day the hand will be taken away or turn
around and smack you in the face. If smacked
too much you start to accept this a normal
and natural (Slavery).

7. Get involved in helping others in your
community even if you have little there is
always someone, some family that has less
than you do.

8.Reach across the isle of color, culture,
gender, generation and pull others up as
you grow up.

9.God first in everything you do!!!

10. Collaborate with girls and women who
think creatively. Their ideas view the
sunrises and sunsets of life that bring
inspiration and encouragement.

11. Instead of looking for a wife, start
looking for a partner that shares a passion
for life, living, building communities,
building families and enjoys
the little things in life.

12. It is ok to date and marry out of your
culture, color, race, and heritage so long
as they respect you, your family, your
history and your destiny and you
do the same for them.

13. Look at the world globally because where
you live and work they will not appreciate
your abilities, talents, skills, passions,
purpose and position
in life that God has for you.

14.Mentor youth in your community, in your
city, in your village, in your nation, on
your continent, and globally.

15. Make sure you have a savings account so
when God tells you to go you’re not walking
along the way. At least have a car, bike, etc,
to get where the Lord needs you to go.

16.Remember Christ even needed an entourage,
a sponsor, a social media team, an accountant,
a warrior, a hustler, a prayer warrior, and
those that kept their mouths shut and did
what they were supposed to.

17. Be the kind of leader that can wash
others feet first, serve others their food
first, bring water to the thirsty, provide
food for the hungry and still do laundry
and take out the garbage.

18. Respect women of all ages, colors, cultures,
talents, skills and abilities. Having women as
your friend does not mean you have your own
person hoe house, it means that the women
you employ will teach the world what you teach
them and spread your words, deeds and actions
faster than men. Women are the providers of
the community, they are your news agency,
they are your community workers, your early
warning service and your social media consultants.

19. Look at the good in everyone, but be sure
to check out the intentions of self determination
and self-promotion.

20. Men remember that not everyone is your friend,
women remember not everyone is your friend.

21.Keep prayers, praise, purpose in your heart
because God will always look in your heart.

22.Even for the little things thank God, no
matter how small, not matter how big!!

Give Thanks….