Ministry to Technology to STEAMM

Ministry to Technology to STEAMM

STEAMM – Science Technology Engineering
Arts Math Metaverse are growing educational
initiatives that are changing and re-defining
the learning foundations of youth, teens, and
young adults especially Black and Brown
children in the United States and Africa.

Educators that can teach in VR, AR, MR, XR
and using AI are in high demand because they
have developed a mind-set that can be used

Ministers are also affected, those in the Church of
Christ are using social media to connect to their
congregations and if the digital infrastructure is
stable there are interactions and collaborations.

Proper training in areas of Technology, STEM,
STEAM and STEAMM are key initiatives that
building employable skill-sets in a digital age
where the metaverse is growing.

The value and influence of STEM, STEAM and
STEAMM Education is influencing future career
choices, the skills, and abilities that businesses
are demanding and require for the future

Even ministries are looking at the skills of their
ministers to be sure they can preach and teach
virtually. Ministers must adapt to being virtual
and apply more energy and engagement to
digital audiences. People want to see their
ministers, evangelists, preachers, and leaders
excited even more so because they are online.

Growing congregations are selling their buildings
because in person attendance is down and “virtual
church” has grown tremendously. The message
from ministries using tech is look at us, look what
we are doing, look to see how we are engaged
with the community virtually.

Liberation Podcast
Discussion on how technology, Metaverse, Altspace VR and digital spaces are shaping and molding digital evangelism.

These transitions are happening now and building
more beyond the streaming to actual Metaverse
churches, ministries, prayer services and other
digital ministerial activities.

More ministries are hiring digital experts to create
strategies for their ministries to attract potential
new members that are embracing digital church.
The term, “worshiping in spirit and in truth,” is
empowered and recognized as validated and
empowered. Being in spirit, is that we carry
the spirit of God in each of us, we should
worship in truth because God sees
the truth of our hearts. “But the hour is coming,
and now is, when the true worshipers
shall worship the Father in spirit and truth, for
the Father seeks such to worship Him”
(John 4:23)

The idea that God is on social media can be
applied in ministerial pursuits has ministries
scrambling to obtain high speed Internet access,
building web sites, Facebook pages, Twitter
accounts, Instagram pages, YouTube channels,
Tic Toc accounts and more.

Ministries are holding Clubhouse church services
and Metaverse churches are growing. Churches
must adapt and revolutionize their ability to
stream content, broadcast the minister, evangelize
and reach the masses.

My wife and I share our passion for STEAMM,
Technology, Social Media and integrating these
in ministry. Being labeled Digital Evangelists
means, integrating tech, sharing our faith,
collaborating locally, nationally, and globally.

Providing resources for study and engagement.
Using the audio podcasting platforms to teach and using Facebook, Let The
Bible Speak TV in collaboration across the Internet.

Youth, teens, young adults need to have opportunities to build
their technology skills to be the digital leaders their nations will
need in the future as technology continues to grow in influence
and evolution. Many biblical, bible, ministerial, church schools
are not providing the necessary instruction for ministers to adapt.
The technology of content creation can cross geographical
boundaries and bring those of other faiths together for a common
good of worships.

Technology will open doors for Christian’s, Moslems, and other
faiths to work together in blogging, podcasting, and sharing content
that is global. Global influences can be created that influence social,
economic, geopolitical and educational strategies and initiatives.
Using digital tools that have long reaches where faith, friendships
and fellowship grow.

Where even professional educators, administrators and educational
advocates can meet in safe places to share ideas for educational
reforms that actually benefit children, families, and communities.

Ministries must continue to embrace technology and even require
their ministers, evangelist, preachers, teachers and others in
leadership to know beyond basic skills so they can build relationships
digitally. Christ emphasized relationships, building, maintaining and
create that builds a collaboration of praise and worship.

The questions of should ministries start using social media has
been answered. If ministries are not, they will slowly fade in members
and close their doors. In ministry we are supposed to go where the
people are to save souls and keep souls saved everywhere.

If your ministry is interested in STEAMM workshops, trainings,
and education.