WordCamp San Jose 2022 Technology Conference Makes History on the Metaverse

WordCamp San Jose 2022 Technology Conference Makes History on the Metaverse

WordCamp San Jose Conference in San Jose, Costa Rica will
have part of its conference on the Metaverse. A Spatial
Gallery is being created and filled with photos, video clips,
and interactive information about attendees, speakers, and

The growing technology communities of North, Central, and
South America are making great strides in Web 3 and beyond,
beginning to compete with the United States and Canada.
There are a growing number of web developers that are
Hispanic that live in North, Central and South America that
have amazing technological and web
development skills.

WordPress San Jose, in Costa Rica is attended to capacity
each year it is held. Easily having over 400 + attendees
and about 100  speakers.

On November 4th thru 6th WordCamp San Jose, Costa Rica
in Central America will be having its WordCamp 2022 Conference.
There will be speakers from across North, Central and South
America speaking on many areas of technology, web
development, social media, Web 3/Web 4 and Metaverse
influences on WordPress.

Sharing the value and influence of the Metaverse, William
and Aida Jackson, Certified VR Educators & Spatial Gallery
Developers will be speaking about how WordPress and the
Metaverse can integrate digitally with blogging, NFT
creation and other immersive areas.

The digital innovation of Spatial Galleries for conferences
and business is changing how people with interact and
engaged as avatars. Creating avatars to represent their
physical presence in immersive environments. WordCamp
San Jose is making history by having the conference placed
on a Spatial Gallery on the Metaverse. Sharing portal links
and interactive engagements between avatars,
this have not been done in a conference in Central America
and  the excitement is building.

The Spatial Gallery has been visited by multiple members
of the  organizing team with wonderful reviews.

The new developments hope to influence the Hispanic
communities in careers in technology that require creativity,
innovation sharing their culture and heritage on the Metaverse.
The team of My Quest To Teach: William and Aida Jackson,
are volunteers, speakers, organizers and advocates of
WordCamp and WordPress. They are teachers of
WordCamp Kids and Teen camp conferences teaching
youth, teens and young adults about web content,
development, blogging, video blogging, social media
safety and including creating Metaverse content.

They have been part of the WordPress community since
2010 & 2018 respectively and have spoken locally in
Jacksonville, Florida, Nationally in the United States
and Globally either in-person of virtually.

Aida Correa Jackson is a respected Digital NFT Artist
(Latina) and University Professor with Lenior Rhyne
University and William Jackson is a content creator
and 33-year retired STEAMM Educator. William has
taught in higher education at several colleges and is
a former instructor with NASA.

To view the site for the WordCamp San Jose – https://sanjose.wordcamp.org/2022/
To view the site for the Spatial Gallery –

To reach for more information
Email: metamyquesttoteach@gmail.com