The Growth of WordCamp Conferences Is The Growth of a Technology Community Updated……

The Growth of WordCamp Conferences Is The Growth of a Technology Community Updated……

WordCamp US is the Flagship technology conference for
WordPress with over 200 attendees this year for covid safety
In the past there have been over 1200 attending from United States
and globally were contributors, entrepreneurs, business owners
and educational enthusiasts can express their passion for web
development, graphic design, coding, content creation and other
components related to the industry of technology.

Supporting the idea that “content is King and engagement is
Queen,  in a global community where technology is welcomed
and used as a mechanism for peace, inspiration, education,
bridging the digital divide and empowering youth, teens and
young adults to be producers of diverse digital content not
just consumers.

WordCamp US has not been held since 2019 as the world was
hit tragically with the pandemic. The unity of shared passions
and interests in technology has inspired the WordPress community
to encourage collaboration and community. WordPress is built on
the spirit and support of collaboration and how community can
inspire people to democratize and decentralize the web. The
moto; “code is poetry” is an inspiration for being creative and

To better understand the WordCamp community, WordCamps
are informal, community-organized conferences that are developed
by WordPress.  Everyone is appreciated, invited to engage, help
build the community of WordPress in establishing WordCamp
conferences and continued with Meetups that grow the community
though networking and trainings.

Having shared passions, sharing ideas, and allowing the globally
community to help build and empower communities and individuals.
The changes in technology can empower people, enlighten people to
future careers, entrepreneurial opportunities and even connecting
with others to start a business.

Viewing the WordCamp Central site (
provides information that can provide a vision for growth, a purpose
for engagement, a sight for representation with groups like Black Press
( that provides Black and Brown people a
connection that addresses under-represented communities. Groups
like Women in WordPress is a bi-monthly podcast featuring women
who blog, design, develop, and more in the WordPress community

WordCamps are showing growth to their prominence and influence
they once established before the pandemic. Re-connecting people with
each other and the global communities and provide conferences,
workshops, trainings, and meetups. The growth of the Metaverse
and its influence on web development is being studied and taught by
WordCamp veterans William and Aida Jackson. Creating several Spatial
Galleries for WordCamp Jinja ( and others
that are interested in the blending of traditional web development,
metaverse and immersive technologies.

The possibilities of bridging and breaking the digital
divide are growing with the future implementation of
Kids and Youth Camp that before the pandemic where
expanding access for youth from 7 to 17 years and young
adults from 18 to 21 years to onboard them into a supportive
and mentoring community that understands youth, teens
and young adults are the future of technological equity,
inclusivity, and fairness.

As the pandemic subsides WordCamps are coming back.
They are creating opportunities for business growth,
entrepreneurial access, re-connecting of friends and family.
The Flagship of WordPress in the United States also provides
a chance for people to engage with
Automattic CEO and WordPress founder, Matt Mullenweg
watch his video from WCUS 2022 answering
questions about the future of WordPress.

Even I had a chance to ask Matt a question about the
influence of the Metaverse upon WordPress and
Wed Development.
WordCamp US information can be found (
Get ready as WordCamps and Kids / Youth Camps grow and
begin again soon !!!!