LinkedIn Strategies for HBCU Students

LinkedIn Strategies for HBCU Students
William Jackson, M.Ed.
Graduate South Carolina State University

Liberation Podcast
Discussion on how technology, Metaverse, Altspace VR and digital spaces are shaping and molding digital evangelism.

The use of diverse technologies to promote personal
and business has grown exponentially over the course
of several years. Building relationships online is strategic,
planned and executed to obtain maximum visibility.
Being visible online is required to establish relevancy,
respect and recognition for professional and even
personal achievements.
Historically Black College and University (HBCU)
students are in very competitive career choices and
should apply their skills and talents online to increase
their visibility and employability.
HBCU students should be learning different strategies
before graduating that can get them not just a leg up,
but their whole bodies up and ready for new careers
and leadership responsibilities. Technology is more
than Snap Chat, Tik Tok, and other current or future
social media diverges.

Transitioning from Education to Business Entrepreneur:
Moving from educational lifestyles to professional
lifestyles can be stressful, uncertain, and daunting.
Learning as much as possible about how to Brand
build a Brand, Market your Brand, Market your
abilities, talents, strengths, and ambitions can mean
the difference in struggling to gain an entry level
position to starting off in midlevel positions with
leadership growth potentials and salaries to match.
As an HBCU professor and from 2004 to 2017 teaching
for the Education Department of Edward Waters College,
the oldest HBCU in the state of Florida and for NASA in
their Teachers Re-certification Program.
I have provided instruction in Educational Technology
that guides the Education students to use a combination
of low and medium tech to Market themselves.
Applying educational strategies that focus on content
that engages the community and learning interest that
potential employees on LinkedIn can see and build
potential collaboration.
Address learning and behavior strengths with interactive
online tools and networking engagements. LinkedIn is a
digital resource where HBCU students can reach out over
distances and connect with future employers, continue
their educational goals for higher educational degrees,
Internships, flexible employment and even contract work
in many areas of technology.

My Personal Profile:
has been viewed where I have been found for higher
education positions and considered for further employment
in my area of expertise in STEAMM Education.
Science Technology Engineering Arts Math Metaverse

Even with approaching the use of tech for business
and entrepreneurialism there is a cross-instructional
piece that can be applied to business and education.
Sharing strategies that I apply in LinkedIn for personal
and business uses I hope these can be applied by HBCU
students that are seeking a new start in life or looking to
re-brand their lives to new beginnings.

Education is traditionally behind business, technology,
arts, entrepreneurial development, changes in careers.
Interesting enough the profession of education continues
to fall behind in all areas preparing students and yet
educators prepare youth to be the adults that inspire
the building of the future.