Who Are The Real Black Superheroes

Who Are The Real Black Superheroes

Long before Marvel was an idea in Stan Lee’s mind, long before
the first pencil drawing of Spiderman (Marvel), Superman (DC)
or even Batman (DC) there where lyrics and songs about
the “Real” Black Superheroes.
Through the blurring of years these Superheroes both men and
women; their names and feats were forgotten, lost in historical
records and distant memories of the elders.
Through the passion for resuscitating the stories of the narratives
that inspired freedom from slavery, liberation from the false
limitations attempting to be placed on Blacks to keep them in
mental as well as physical bondage. Black Superheroes help to
free the spirits and imaginations of Blacks during a time when Blacks
were denied basic constitutional and human rights.
The Black Superheroes were legendary and multifaceted in their
religious beliefs, physical strength, and mental abilities, they
possessed engineering talents, legendary speed, outstanding
courage, battlefield leadership and even compassion, love and
family orientation.
The Black Superheroes are a representation of the best in Blacks
working to overcome slavery and oppression. Even in songs
that are the foundation of gospel spirituals like, “follow the Drinking
Gourd” is a symbol of freedom.

The story of the Black Superheroes is a work in a series,
Stetson Kennedy Legacy Part 1: Slave Narratives and Folklore,
and Stetson Kennedy Legacy Part II: Introducing The Black
Superheroes, these are iconic works of literature that will be
recognized for decades to come because they will not be
easily forgotten again.
The literary producers of Young Minds Building Success Charities,
Inc.: Tangela Floyd; Executive Director, Emanuel Washington,
Creative Director, Tiffany Duhart;  Co-producer William
Jackson; Social Media Visionary. Created interactive
storytelling with a legacy of the stars that lead thousands of
slaves to freedom. Just as the slaves followed the constellation
of stars called, “the Big Dipper” which points to the North Star.
The slave narratives are stories and legends that are gained
from literary greats as Zora Neale Hurston who worked with
Stetson Kennedy.

Introducing The Black Superheroes is a labor of love, respect and
paying tribute to those men and women who are being resurrected.
The names are solid representations that only others can imitate,
not duplicate.
Introducing the Black Superheroes:
Roy Sold His Car to God – Uncle Monday – Big Mama was a
Superhero Too – Nine Second Man (not what you think)
John the Conqueror – Princess Kitaka – Turpentine Sam
Abada the Warrior – Mama Duck – Daddy Mention

The performers are:
Ari Turner – Darryl Willie – W. Earl Kitchings – Julian Robertson
Tangela Floyd – Lisa Brown-Buggs – Aida Correa

The mission of YMBSC Reader’s Theater production is staged
to address literacy empowerment in urban communities and
schools. It also bridges various communities through the
personal writings of notable icons in our country’s history.

Young Minds Building Success Charities
The Stetson Kennedy Foundation
My Quest To Teach – William Jackson