Advanced Driver Assistance System Training for the Future

Advanced Driver Assistance System Training for the Future

Addresses the issue of training youth and teens by training
teachers that can impact youth and teens to enter new career
opportunities in automobile technologies. Cars, trucks, SUVs
are controlled by technologies and microchips that constantly
think, reason, and make decisions to keep cars and passengers
safe. Systems like these are for assistance in driving not taking
over the responsibilities of driving.

This opens new opportunities for Black, Brown, and Hispanic
youth and teens that enjoy being involved in computer technology environments and want new careers.  The coming changes with
driverless buses for public transportation will change how people
travel not only in Jacksonville, but across the nation.

The changes in automobiles from passenger vehicles, SUVs,
and other vehicles there is a dramatic increase of technology
integration that will need technicians to manage, support and
upgrade these new assistance devices.
Currently there are no technicians trained in Jacksonville to
maintain the new driverless and driver assistant vehicles
coming soon to Jacksonville. FSCJ and Duval County Public
Schools hopes to change that with programs like this.

New technologies are allowing vehicles to be statistically
safer but require specific levels of technology knowledge.
These arising requirements are bringing sensors installed
that can assist the driver to be safer, and increasingly aware
of their surroundings while driving. Attending this week-long
training were William Jackson teacher with Duval County
Public Schools, an instructor with the GEARUP Program
designed to train middle school students in STEAMM.

Attending were other GEARUP instructors Briana Orsborn
graduate of FAMU, Johnnie Thomas graduate of
Johnson C Smith University and Jamaal Coleman graduate
of Duval County Public Schools.

All are employed with the GEARUP program in Duval County
Public Schools as well to support the learning of middle school
students across Jacksonville that attend Duval County Public
Schools.  The ADAS training builds the knowledge necessary to
inspire students in middle and high school to see where they
can fit in and take advantage of new career opportunities that
are in demand.

Youth, teen, and young adults should understand that with new
technologies are new opportunities to earn high salaries and
stability in growing economically, educationally and socially.
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