William and Aida Jackson Black Business Olympics 2022


Black Business Olympics Expo 2022
The pandemic has devastated thousands of Black businesses across
the nation and set many families on a course of either bankruptcy or
potential shattered lives of financial ruin. The traditional way to run
a business needs to end and brining in digital technologies.

During times of economic changes, downturns, disruptions Black
businesses are hit the hardest. The Black Business Olympics Expo
was designed to promote and support Black Businesses globally.
In support for the growth and expansion of Black businesses
across the nation missions like this are needed and supported.

The Black Business Expo USA was created by Dr. Eric Kelly III,
he created one of the largest business showcases in the history
of Black America.

The Black Business Expo USA Olympics highlights businesses of
many types that are involved on a local, national and global scales.
The husband-and-wife businesses of William Jackson (My Quest
To Teach) and Aida Correa Jackson (Love Built Life, LLC) have been
selected and honored for their works in education, STEAM, and
digital metaverse (NFT) development.

William and Aida will be showcased on the YouTube Channel
“Black Business Olympics, Spring 2022 Edition” along with over
100 other Black business owners in a 7 day, 24hour event.
The Expo USA kick-off event attracts over 250,000 viewers
nationally and several million globally. The Black Business Expo
USA goal is to give laptop and desktop computers, and scholarships
to students graduating from high school that plan to go to college

William and Aida have taught across the nation and the continent of
Africa virtually and digital conferences located on Clubhouse, virtually
and digitally. They have spoken at WordCamp conferences in both
platforms which have been influenced by the pandemic. They have
“pivoted” to each in-person, virtually and digitally. This is what is
represented in this digital age for Black businesses.

Following their Brands of My Quest To Teach and Love Built
Live, LLC, respectively #myquesttoteach & #lovebuiltlife represents
how broad and engaging technology can be.  They have transitioned from teaching STEM and STEAM to incorporating Science Technology Reading Engineering Arts Math Metaverse to build youth, teens and young adults, preparing them for future careers, which many are not even created yet.

Black Business Expo + Black Multiverse support the expansion and
elevation of Black Business of many sizes and the entrepreneurial
journeys of youth, teens and young adults.