Building Sustainability In Authentic Content Creation for Africans

Building Sustainability In Authentic Content Creation for Africans
William Jackson, M.Ed. – My Quest To Teach

1. Understand that authentic content is more important than
quantity of blasting of information. Anyone can quote statistics
and data, but how do you apply that information to real world
2. Video blogging maybe the tech trend for awhile, understanding
how to strategically apply it is valuable in promoting and
marketing your Brand.
3. Be adaptable in applying tools and using digital platforms in
providing resources and services. Flexibility in your ability to
be of service is important.
4. Content will always be King, but engagement is always Queen.
5. Don’t trust your Brand just to SEO, at some point you and
your business have to get out and meet people and talk to them.
6. Content must inspire mental agility and cognitive engagement.
Inviting the viewers and readers to contemplate, consider and
then consecrate by applying information to their lives.
7. Many times it is better to collaborate with others and not
8. Do not fool with foolish people that distract you from
creating authentic content. You cannot follow trends that only
last for minutes or hours.
9. Your content should always contain your passion, it is
representative of who you are and the direction you are
going with your Brand.
10. Have a scalable mission and vision statement. There should
be the ability to grow and adapt.
11. Be cautious of new technologies, not all tech will enhance
your Brand nor Market you in the right direction.
12. Embrace the diversity of life experiences and people.
Use each to add value to your content through relationship building.
13. Volunteer, teach and mentor; make yourself accessible to
share your knowledge to youth, teens and young adults.
14. Have defined goals related to your content creation.
15. Create content with a goal in mind.

16. Take advantage of networking, have business cards ready
and your “elevator pitch” memorized with zeal and enthusiasm.
17. Your content will not be successful on all platforms,
conduct a Social Media audit. Make sure understand your digital
18. Your Brand should be the same across multiple platforms with
the same colors, font, graphics and videos have the same feel
and inspiration.
19. Understand the dynamics of your readers, viewers and engagers.
You are influencing them more than you know.
20. Check out your competition and see the changes they make to
adjust to the fluxuation in markets and trends.
21. As a content creator you should have the mindset of a life-long
learner. Knowledge is not powerful unless applied correctly.
22. Integration of digital tools is strategically planned. New
technology, new ideology, new widgets all need strategic ways to
integrate into your content development.
21. Understand the vision of yourself, “never have a grasshopper
mentality.” Minister Thoran Brown – Westside Church of Christ,
Jacksonville, Florida
22. If developing a team make sure they all share and embrace
your vision, mission and passion. It only takes one to cause
confusion and lower your passions.
23. Choose a digital host that will work with you, has wonderful
customer service and knows how to problem solve. Good hosting
services will send you a card on your birthday and traditional
24. See the value of thought leadership. Everyone cannot lead
25. Everyone on your team should understand their accountability
and responsibility as content creators and their influence.

26. Be engaged in community activism, community service and
27. Don’t put down and demean youth, teens and young adults
mentality and ability to work. You maybe put in the position
of managing people with a disability or challenged in some way.
28. Make sure accessing your content is assessable compliant.
Think about the visually, auditory and cognitively challenged.
They have a right to learn from you and you should feel some
form of accountability and responsibility to help disabled
29. Offer internships when possible, summer jobs and invest
in schools.
30. Be sure all your photos and videos represent your Brand
and your Mission statement.