Using Technology to Amplify Africans Authentic Voice During The Pandemic

Using Technology to Amplify Africans Authentic Voice During The Pandemic

This discussion is important because of the important integration
and relevancy of current situations during a global pandemic.
Even during its slower progress people are still becoming sick
with the different variants and other viruses adapting and

Technology has a history of creating opportunities for the voices
of African people to be expressed. Global application of social
media tools and platforms can expand the digital voices of those
that apply tech correctly and with purpose. Strategically applying
tools, platforms, apps and other elements to the authentic voices
of Africans. Using digital platforms in peaceful and productive
ways are honoring the humanity of the African human voice and
empowering African people.

When the pandemic assaulted the physical world, many people
reluctantly transitioned to the digital environment of social
and business platforms. Applying digital tools that were at one
time thought of as digital candies and used only when companies
desired to look progressive and smart. Being thrust into a
digital land where innovation and creativity demand new ways
of thinking. Digital innovation means not just trying too look
cool using digital tools but actually accomplishing goals for
collaboration and cooperation.

Cooperation should be the way for African across the continent,
collaboration should be the way to move, because this allows
for people to be empowered, inspired, engaged, vocal with
many voices and the world can see what is going on.

Each African voice has an authentic and influential tone,
inflection and quality that now has to rise above the static
and noise of those struggling to find the best ways to apply
these digital tools and platforms. Even in education where
computers are used in teaching, but not to its total abilities.
Technology is now helping individuals, businesses, educational
institutions and entrepreneurs to amplify their voices to get
noticed and attract attention for customers and building Brands.

William is a published content creator on

William is a published content creator on Africa on the Blog