Educators Share How the Metaverse Can Influence Global Languages

Educators Share How the Metaverse Can Influence Global Languages

William and Aida Jackson, were invited to speak about the
growing influence of the metaverse and its influence in
preserving global languages.

The Lingua-Cultura Experience 2022 Conference
created by Avishta Seeras, Creator & Producer of The
Lingua-Cultura Experience, a three day conference where
translators, interpreters, educators, linguists and others in
fields of language study, and research come together and
share their knowledge, experiences, research from academia.
Language experts from various global governments, NGOs,
universities and public educational institutions attended to
learn how to use language to connect with students to support
their academic growth and how businesses can use language
resources to better service their employees.

Increasing companies that have a business interest globally are
working in understanding how languages are spoken, and their
influence on global communications can build relationships and
allow for increased collaboration and cooperation.

The conference in its second year, held on the audio app Clubhouse,
the audio app that has taken the ear waves by storm from around
the world. Each day over 30 million people are involved in the app
and share information, storytelling, encourage collaborations from
business to education. Technology has solidified the dominance
of apps like Clubhouse, and those on other platforms to allow
people to use their wireless and hand-held devices to speak to
anyone in the world on subjects that encompass the human existence.

People globally can chat and hold discussions that can last hours.
This year’s theme is ‘Exploring the Indigenous and Creole Languages
and Cultures of the World’. However, any language, culture and identity
are welcomed.

This is a FREE and non-funded global education and humanities
conference that focuses on world languages and cultures. Schools
are encouraged to attend so they may have stronger connections
with students that represent their global diversity of the world.
Because of wars, climate changes and political situations people
are traveling to find safety, better economic opportunities,
educational opportunties for children and business openings
to start new careers.

Jacksonville, Florida is a hub of diversity and culture, the school
systems whether public, private, charter or homeschooling show
that children are being educated across multiple platforms.

The increase of ESOL – English Speakers to Other Languages
students means that the schools must provide those resources
to help ESOL students succeed in schools.
In celebration of the United Nations’ International Decade of
Indigenous Languages (IDIL) 2022-2032 and Indigenous Peoples
Day in Canada. The importance and the support of all languages,
as language carries the history of people and cultures. It serves
as a vehicle to promote the learning and use of languages and
cultures while conferences like Lingua-Cultura Experience
create a platform to amplify the voices of the speakers of diverse
languages and advocate for language and cultural rights.

Speakers from around the world were invited and cultural educators,
linguists, other professionals, learners, etc. from the global language
and cultural communities. In 2022 there were eight language
and culture tracks this year more than in previous years and 40
speakers from around the world.

William and Aida’s presentation involved how languages could be
preserved in the metaverse and segments of recorded language
can be “minted” and put on the blockchain. Being on the blockchain
allows that language to have an increase in value and prominence
because of it being “minted,” and a digital value placed on it.
Metaverse spaces have grown tremendously since the announcement
that Meta formally Facebook, has temporarily taken the lead in having
a metaverse world, but other companies are growing.

There are several hundred metaverse worlds and more are being
created to accommodate creators, developers, programmers, artists
and even those in the business of building digital worlds. Languages
carry the histories and the cultures of people from all over the world.
If a language dies, and many are dying, that culture also dies with it.
There are languages that have been minted and saved from total
extinction. William and Aida have been invited to speak at several
other virtual conferences and the growth of the metaverse, how
NFTs are empowering artists and bloggers.

Society is moving from a Web 2.0 world into metaverse worlds of
Web 3.0, Web 4.0 and beyond that will offer increased immersion
where the participants can have more experiences never thought
before in online environments. The metaverse is growing in
influence with technological innovations of increasing ease and