Blogging is Changing on the Metaverse

Blogging is Changing on the Metaverse

The change is here, it is not coming, it is not like a theif in the night, it is not sneaking up on us getting ready to pounce upon unsuspecting travelers
on a dark road to Damascus.
The Metaverse is here, a clear and present resource of digital avatars, virtual
spaces and digital connections. The rapid progress of digital can be given
due successes because of the pandenic and its global influences. The digital
revolutions has propogated in our world spaces, places, worlds, communities,
that have not only embraced technology, but allow tech to take hold and digitally run globally making unimaginable connections and collaborations.
Professor Aida Correa-Jackson provided a glimse of what is to potentially to
come when she spoke at the WordPress Meetup viturally in Philly (Philadelphia), sharing how all digital content will be changed forever.

“Learning In The Metaverse, Using VR Spaces as Facilitation Tools”

The tools that are available were just building to this point for several
years. As with many technological innovations it takes a mission, purpose,
collaborations and a strong reason for it to begin.
Technology represents the creativeness in us all, the innovation to design,
build, create, modify, and link the past, present and future. Just as was
the case with audio on web sites. Companies like Create My Voice  

Technology waits for no one and if people do not take the initiative to
learn, apply, adapt, cope, attempt to grow with the changes there well
be educational, financial and social reactions.

The Metaverse is here, We b 3.0 is here, Inviniferse, Altspace VR
and  other digital spaces and places are abundant and growing.
Humans must adapt, adjust and adhere to the new ways.

Aida can be heard speaking at WordCamp conferences here: