25 Ways To Build and Support African Startups in 2022

25 Ways To Build and Support African Startups in 2022
William Jackson, M.Ed. My Quest To Teach
Podcaster, Blogger, Educator, Speaker

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“When old people speak it is not because of the sweetness
of words in our mouths; it is because we see something
which you do not see.” Chinua Achebe
These words are many times key to help Africans continue
to grow as businesses leaders. Entrepreneurs are growing
in Africa, creating sustainable small and medium businesses
that are beneficial to the communities, villages, and cities
they are in.
Africa is the youngest continent in the global economy and
is gradually influencing global markets where Africans are
benefiting from the successes of Startups, collaborations,
cooperation’s and partnerships.
“Africa is closely watched as the next big growth market”

Harvard Business Review https://hbr.org/2019/ so the
potential is there to continue this growth, but there needs
to  be increased mentorship, guidance and investments.

As professional educators, professors, mentors, business
owners and influencers my wife and I are proud to share
gifts of knowledge for young African Startups that may need
guidance, encouragement and inspiration. The explosion of
business ideas, interests and support of startups that are
exploding across Africa is growing into 2022 and
will build Africa into a global leader where Africans can
determine their journey to greatness not because of other
nations influence, but by the greatness that is within Africa.

Digital technologies and access to mobile digital devices are
helping Africans to be connected to each other and on broader
digital and global platforms for collaborations and

Here are 25 suggestions for business success for
young Africans.

1. Write as if all of Africa is going to read your content and be
inspired to support you and take hold of your vision for a better
When people see your passion for Africa they should be
inspired to help.

2. When creating business content take the time to read, review,
rewrite, revise, what you have written. Your ability to communicate
is key to your business growth.

3. Don’t rely on anyone that tells you your too passionate or too
invested in Africa. Always invest in yourself and your home first.

4. Don’t try to be famous, don’t try to be rich, be sure to share
your life and ideas across Africa and encourage collaboration
and cooperation.

*Read writers like Achebe, Addiche, Soyinka and others for

5. Embrace the diversity of Africa.
Your business should represent the diversity of Africa not just
one segment or one sections. Prepare your business to reach
out to diverse audiences.

. Don’t expect support from your neighbors, sometimes those
close to you are your biggest critiques.

7. Build your ability to write by reading what other writers have
written about business startup and growth. Write down your ideas
so you can see your potential future. Chinua Achebe and others
were able to blend stories for success and vision.

8. Build relationships, building is important, building a relationships
brings connectivity and trust. Never burn your bridges, always
leave quietly and with pride.

9. Read other business about others business owners success and
failures to learn from and inspire you.

10. Storytelling even in business paints a picture, so use words
that encourage the imagination and creativity for your employees
to inspire them and see your goals.

11. Use music to inspire and excite yourself and your employees.
Different music moves emotions differently, experiment with beats
and sounds around the business environment.

12. When writing your business plans determine if there are
challenges and conflicts that need to be overcome. What challenges
your intellect and imagination?

13. Don’t be afraid to admit you’re scared, use that energy to inspire
and motivate. Take the opportunity to spread your wings to fly.

14. Keep your passion and excitement about your startup during
good and bad times. Your passion is an extension of who you are.

15. Write your authentic kinds of stories to motivate other business
There are millions of stories just as there are millions of
Africans, share your story with them to inspire others.

16. Read, Read, Read and Read some more, fall in love with reading.
Develop your comprehension for understanding and applying to
achieving your goals.

17. Encourage your employees to read, write and be creative. You
want people to think, dreams, have vision and inspirations in multiple
ways that benefit your business.

18. Use technology to make a vision for your Brand. Remember
that not all Africans have high speed internet access. Adjust to
those with slower connections and little data.

19. Volunteer in your African communityif it is safe to do so. Help
others to see the beauty in people of diversity. Never judge those
that have less or even more than you do.

20. Running a business is a life-long journey and should be a
life-long adventure. Make sure your business is a part of
something bigger than you.

21. Take time to meditate and listen to the African ancestors.
What stories are they telling you to write and how to move.
They still inspire and motive in wonderful ways.

22. As you travel take the time to meet some of your customers.
Speak to the elder business owners to seek the spirit of Africa and
future guidance.

23. Mentor someone every day.

24. Use YouTube to provide resources for growth for your
Your business will only be as strong and resilient as
your weakest, youngest, older employees.

25. When someone decides to leave your business, celebrate
their growth for the future and wish them well.

Listening in Clubhouse in rooms like TECH NEWS -TECH NEWS
African startups need to continue to grow, they need to inspire and excite
the young people of Africa to be the best they can be. The need to
self-manage, self-regulate and self-inspire is key to continued growth.
Not relying on foreign interests and foreign investments, but local, national
and the continental investments that are vital and important for Africa to
grow and prosper.