The Metaverse and Web 3.0 are Here and Growing

The Metaverse and Web 3.0 are Here and Growing
William and Aida Jackson, The xSTREAM TEAM

The changes, evolution and even revolution are
influencing changes in how people will communicate,
learn, conduct business, manage finances, engage in
commerce, apply digital currencies and purchasing of
real and digital land.

The digital evolution is happening now and is being
broadcast across the internet on the metaverse.
People will have access to their “40 acres and a mule”
although digitally, but will be able to gain what was
promised and taken away. There is digital Black Wall
Street’s growing on the metaverse and business is
being conducted.

Technology is moving past Web 2.0 applications of
the Internet, we have grown comfortable with what has
been used since the 1990’s. There are new levels and
experiences of Web 3.0 where businesses are growing
and digital land is being purchased and even rented.

Educators, artists, entrepreneurs, creators and digital
innovators are provided opportunities to influence life
currently and in the future. The Metaverse, NFTs,
Blockchain, Web 3.0 are all influences digitally that
will change human exchanges and life in the near and
distant future. Artists, educators, and business owners
are increasingly being interviewed to share their views,
ideas, experiences and expertise on new levels of
technological growth. Technology is growing!

Teaching youth, teens and young adults that tech is
changing their futures, the integration of new levels
of engagement, collaboration, business models
and digital currencies that will change from a physical
currency to a digital currency. People must change
their mindsets to embrace new directions of living and
collaborating with technology.

Speaking on Clubhouse, the audio app that embraces
the world and provides instant access to knowledge
from around the world. This is a new world that people
must manage and not allow technology to manage them.

The Black ‘Verse invited William and Aida Jackson,
The xSTREAM Team to speak about STEM, STEAM,
STREAM, the Metaverse and Web 3.0.

The interview can be heard here with NiKole (Technikole)
Maxwell, Founder and Chief Metaverse Officer (CEO) for
Black Multiverse Enterprises (BME)
Technology is crossing generational, gender,
socio-economic lines and building digital leaders.
Today’s children will be competing with robots,
artificial thinking, they will be in
virtual reality and augmented worlds.

The careers of tomorrow are not here yet and life is
forever changing. People must be prepared to move
forward or prepare to be left behind.

The interview can be heard here: