Twin Lakes Academy Middle School Students Are STEAMING

Twin Lakes Academy Middle School Students Are STEAMING
William Jackson, STEAM Educator
Brand: My Quest to Teach

Students at Twin Lakes Academy Middle School are learning
how their future career choices will be influenced by
the continued commercialization of Space. The growth and
collaboration of SPACEX, NASA, Blue Origin and other
companies are providing new career choices that require
new skills that were not needed just 5 years ago.
The internet, metaverse and Web 3.0 has changed how
students will be educated, access to digital tools that are
increasingly interactive, intuitive, engaging and involved.
Education is slowly adapting to the needs of digital worlds
and parents should be keeping track of the future
employability of their children. Career choices are not
based just on gaming and entertainment, students need
coding, programming, creativity training, critical thinking,
The Arts as a solid foundation for learning.
Schools that do not have dedicated STEAM Education and
Art Education programs are putting their students at risk of
not preparing them for digital careers that require these skills.
Technology is allowing more of our youth, teens and young
adults phenomenal growth potentials as digital leaders,
digital creatives and digital innovators. The growth of
Block Chain, NFTs, and the Metaverse are challenging how
education will prepare the future workforce.
We are transforming into a society of thought leaders,
digital collaboration and a digital artistic renaissance that will
shape how we explore the planets, the oceans, and seas and
even face global climate changes.
Duval County Public Schools is doing phenomenal works and
should continue to grow its partnerships with space agencies
like NASA, SPACEX and others so students can go forth to the
next level of learning and careers.
The collaboration of STEAM Education and STEAM Learning is
needed to excite students to apply new learning and extend
their visions to the future, into outer and inner space environments.
New digital tools like digital newspapers, podcasts, video
productions should be provided to students in elementary,
middle and high schools. Preparation is key to student growth
and successes. I have been a part of studios in elementary
schools and now middle school where students are learning
so much that they appreciate the experiences that will follow
them a lifetime of careers.

TLAM has a newspaper and podcast club that the community
is invited to view. They are sponsored by Ms. Canepa and
Mr. Jackson, both teachers at TLAM and digital content creators.
New teachers must have diverse technology skills to inspire and
educate the next digital entrepreneurs in their students.
If teachers lack computer skills students respect for educators
will diminish and teachers will be seen as “old folks’ that
are not worth listening to and not with the times we are
in with technology.

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