International Day of Multilingualism 2022

International Day of Multilingualism 2022
William and Aida Jackson, Speakers and Advocates
Avishta Seeras – Creator & Producer of
The Lingua-Cultura Experience

My Quest To Teach
My Quest To Teach

Celebrating the International Day of Multilingualism in
2022, show casting the linguistic talents skills and abilities
of multiple speaker related globally through language
appreciation and understanding.

There are thousands of languages around the world,
with words that bind us and connect us. Words that
inspire us and encourage us, words that share family
connections and words that nurture us to be our
authentic selves.

Sunday, March 27th is the International Day of
 Thomas Bak (from the University of Edinburgh)
et al started this celebration several years ago by using the digital
hashtag  #MultilingualIsNormal on social platforms to get people
involved globally. Languages allow people to share their cultures

The world has become smaller, not by physical size, but by the
ability to connect through language, cultural connections and the
respect and appreciation of the diversity of our Earth. Using
technology to bring people together from around the world and
build connections for future linguistic collaborations and sharing
of knowledge that builds understanding and acceptance.

Avishta Seeras – Creator & Producer of The Lingua-Cultura
Experience provides this and other conferences to share the
importance of languages, especially those languages on the
continent of Africa. Inviting educational leaders, translators,
experts in the fields of language origination and other fields
to share their knowledge.

Indigenous Youth In Africa
Indigenous Youth In Africa

A global invitation to participate in this language event and
share ideas, memories, associations, educational, cultural
backgrounds and uplifting experiences. Topic ideas
that may be explored during the event are.
– Talk about your journey as a multilingual speaker
– The importance and benefits of receiving a multilingual
– The challenges and successes of raising multilingual children
– How politics and religion influence multilingual abilities
through cultural exposure
– SDG’s and multilingual learning
The global community is invited to participate. Professors
William and Aida Jackson (Florida State College of Jacksonville
& Lenoir-Rhyne University) respectively will share how STEM &
STEAM Education and Learning can be used to connect
languages, collaborations and cooperation’s globally.

Educational initiatives are changing the goals and mission of
education globally especially on the continent of Africa. Learning
digitally is growing quickly as digital infrastructures are being
built and modified to support the growing entrepreneurs and
businesses that are developing with the use of mobile technology.

The blending of mobile and STEAM is helping to change the
skill-sets for millions of Africans with dreams and aspirations of
growth socially and financially. This language event is a safe
space to share ideas and experiences, to provide a safe place to
dialogue, collaborate, connect and correspond even after the

For more information connect with Lingua-Cultura Experience
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Avishta Seeras –
Creator & Producer of The Lingua-Cultura Experience