Free Laptops, Hotspots for Students in Need in Jacksonville

Free Laptops, Hotspots for Students in Need

Duval County Public Schools
As an update, laptop distribution will be ongoing until all
43,000 units have been handed out. We encourage all
families in need to complete the laptop survey, which is
available in the parent’s FOCUS account.

To help close the technology gap for students in need,
the district is offering families the chance to apply for free
laptops and hotspots. There are approximately 43,000
laptops and 10,000 hot spots available to be loaned to
students thanks to a federal grant called the Emergency
Communications Fund.

Because supplies are limited, and this is a one-time grant,
families will have to complete a survey to help determine
their eligibility.

Eligibility is based on need.
A link to the survey is available in the parent’s FOCUS
. The survey is called the “Parent Emergency
Communications Fund Survey.”
Surveys will continue to be collected until all
technology has been handed out.

What type of technology is available?
With the grant, the district purchased approximately 10,000
hotspots and 43,000 Lenovo laptops. Every student will be
supplied a copy of Microsoft Office 365 for their laptop.
How do I apply?
The link to the survey is in the parent’s FOCUS account.
Review the steps to create a FOCUS account if you don’t
already have one. Visit here for instructions on how to create
one. Note that this process may take several days.

How is eligibility determined?
This offer is for students enrolled in a Duval County Public
Schools’ traditional school. Charter school students are
not eligible. Priority is given to students and families in need.
Therefore, questions include whether the student has access
to a laptop or internet in the home, what is the family’s combined
annual income, and whether the family receives public assistance.

Priority is also given to children in elementary school because
both middle and high school students are already assigned take
home laptops by the district. Everyone that is in need should apply.

What is the timeline for laptop distribution?
Please allow up to two weeks for processing once the survey
has been submitted. Within those two weeks, parents will receive
an email confirming their student is eligible for a laptop. The email
will also provide next steps for how to pick up the laptop at their
child’s school, which should be available within 10 business
days of receipt of the email.

Will students be able to take home the laptops?
Yes, once assigned a laptop, students can take and keep
their laptops at home.

Will students have to return laptops/hotspots at the
end of the year?
No, students will only return the laptops when they are no
longer enrolled in the district. This can include when they
graduate or if they transfer to another school district or
a private school.