Digital NFTs and Business Cards by TLAM Students

Digital NFTs and Business Cards by TLAM Students
by William Jackson, STEAM Educator

My Quest To Teach
My Quest To Teach

William and Aida Jackson moderators and conference speakers
on the popular Clubhouse app, recently participated in a
conference (EDU HUSTLE) created by Cedric Scott, Jr., M.Ed.
The Jackson’s William and Aida, sharing their works with students
from Twin Lakes Academy Middle School in creating NFTs and
preparing students for future careers in Metaverse, Altspaces
and other digital places.

Their online works are recognized locally, nationally and to a
growing global audience. Using tools already available on the
laptops DCPS students are given for free to use this school year,
students are learning about how they can leverage their academic
works into digital careers even as middle school students.

Collaborating with Mr. Scott and the EDU Hustle Facebook which
has passed the thousand member number in just a few weeks and
is expanding globally

William and Aida are teaching students digital business cards
created by 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students, Twin Lakes Academy
Middle School in Duval County Public Schools.

The growth of digital tools, the introduction of Web 2.0 / Web 3.0
digital platforms and the influence of changing technological tools,
apps and platforms is allowing teachers to share student work in
new levels of digital engagement and promoting student works.

Black, Brown, Hispanic, Asian, and other cultures are prevalent
at TLAM and their presence has grown. The influence of multiple
cultural backgrounds has a positive effect on digital learning,
cooperation and collaborations. The voices of students are
multicultural, multinational and a global representation
of the world.

My Quest To Teach
My Quest To Teach

Students in STEAM class are learning about business
development using the digital tools of Paint 3D and Windows
Media Player that empowers and educates students to be
future content creators, digital influencers, and digital

The world is moving at the speed of thought, thought that
is engaged in creating NFTs, learning about the Metaverse,
Altspace’s, Infinverses, creating Avatars and how the
Blockchain will change from paper to digital currencies.
Students need to know these areas in order to manage
their lives in digital places.

Guiding students to understand their developing brands,
potential marketing opportunties and making professional
connections to build their potential professional learning
networks and their future professional learning connections.

When students are empowered with the tools of the future,
their vision shifts from the current limitations of Web 2.0
to the future unlimited opportunities of Web 3.0 to grow,
expand and influence their learning. Listed below are videos
of student works in their visions of business cards for their
businesses that they see for themselves in the future.

Representation for youth, teens and young adults of color
can culture are important. Seeing a Black President is
influential, seeing a Black Vice President or a Supreme
Court Judge is influential and transformative for the lives
of boys and girls of color and culture. Doors are open,
glass ceilings are shattered and dreams are being created
for future goals and aspirations of change.

The need for digital media classes, digital arts classes, digital
content creation and digital business is a need to prepare
students for careers not even created yet. Students in our
public education system must not be put behind, left behind
and struggling to catchup and keep up as our world changes
at the speed of thought. View the digital creations of
6th, 7th and 8th grade students across cultural lines that are
students in STEAM Education.

Wm Jackson
Wm Jackson

First Period Business Cards 2022

Second Period Business Cards 2022

Third Period Business Cards 2022

Fourth Period Business Cards 2022

Sixth Period Business Cards 2022

Seventh Period Business Cards 2022

“Education is our passport to the future,
for tomorrow belongs to the people who
prepare for it today.” Malcolm X