Helping Africans Understand the Value of Web 3.0, NFTs and other Digital Evolutions


Helping Africans Understand the Value of Web 3.0, NFTs
and other Digital Evolutions
William Jackson, M.Ed.
STEAM Educator – Content Creator, Podcaster, Professor

The goal and mission of this free and virtual event is bringing together
people from within Nigeria and the Diaspora to create a collaboration
of social skills, digital perspectives, dynamic business and educational backgrounds. These people have a passion and purpose to help Nigeria,
the African continent and across the Diaspora to grow by inspiring
Africans to think differently with regards to socio-corporate changes
and its role in sustainable economic development, as well as to join
hands via projects, education, mentoring and business to take
actionable steps towards digital changes in African societies, economies
and lives through changes in mindset.

The growth, advancement and development of technology is having
a tremendous affect  on the world and particularly the continent of Africa.
The continent is the youngest to be engaged with mobile devices. Africa
is closely watched as the next big growth market across all areas of
mobile and wireless technologies as the infrastructure is being built.
There has been high speed fiber optic access available for onboarding
to the Internet for Africans, this access is still lacking in much needed
areas across the continent. It is not a matter of why Africans need to
be online and connected, it is a matter of when will all of Africa be
online and connected.

Technology is empowering Africans across the continent to build
businesses, collaborate across borders and cooperate to make
their communities, neighborhoods, nations and the continent itself
rich with businesses and entrepreneurs that aim to make Africa
influential and involved in all aspects of African business development, educational systems, entrepreneurial growth and digital collaborations
that can open doors for millions of Africans to be business developers, entrepreneurs and owners of land both virtually and geographically.

The free events offered by the Nigerian Development HUB “Going Global:
Pan-Cultural Intelligence & The Digital Revolution” seeks to inspire,
encourage and educate Africans. Starting March 29th and continuing
to March 31st 2022, this virtual event will provide speakers from across
the continent and globally, speaking on topics addressing technology
and the influence in entrepreneurial development, business building, incorporation of Blockchain technologies, NFTs, Web 3.0 and other technologies that can build Africa as a digital ecosystem.
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