International Mother Language Day

International Mother Language Day
is a global campaign to promote “your” mother tongue(s) on International Mother Language Day

You’re invited to celebrate International Mother Language Day with
the Lingua-Cultura Experience. You are encouraged to display your
linguistic, culture and heritage pride by advocating, promoting,
sharing and celebrating your mother tongue(s).
Ngugi wa Thiong’o has stated about languages, “We can appreciate
each other’s languages. And the question of being uncomfortable
about our languages would go away.”

To happily participate and share your mother language(s) please answer
the questions below in a 3 to 5 minute (max) video. Please note that
these videos will be bilingual or multilingual so please answer the
questions in your mother tongue(s) first and then in English.
Once the video is ready, please upload it on your Google Drive (because
it might be too big for email) and send the link to Avishta Seeras at so that she can easily access it.

Deadline: There’s no firm deadline to submit your videos but please try
to send it as soon as you can.

The video will be shared on the Lingua-Cultura Experience social media channels starting on International Mother Language Day, Monday,
February 21 to showcase and promote your mother tongue(s).

*Please send Avishta Seeras ( of the
Lingua-Cultura Experience your social media handles (if applicable) so
that she can tag you in the video.

2.5 minutes (max) in mother tongue
2.5 minutes (max) in English

In your mother tongue(s) (2.5 minutes – max):

Your Introduction:
Name, profession and where you’re making this video from.
1. What is your mother tongue(s) and which language family does it belong to?
2. What does your mother tongue(s) mean to you?
3. Share a fun fact about your language or culture to inspire others to learn your mother tongue(s).

Please repeat your answers in English (2.5 minutes – max)

Thank you for participating in this wonderful and transformative event to promote global mother languages.
Kind regards,
Avishta Seeras (She/Her)
BA Hons. Spanish &
Latin American Studies