“Using Storytelling To Build African and Global Relationships”

“Using Storytelling To Build African and Global Relationships”
The use of storytelling is a centuries old verbal tool to share
life-lines, love-lines, generational-lines of African history.
Before parchment, paper and printing-presses there was
Before technology the use of verbal and vocal communication
was key to share the history of people, nations and the African
continent. Storytelling is an ancient and remarkable tools to
share generational histories and either families legacies or
family linerages.
Storytellers (Griots), were the storytellers and entertainers in
Ancient Africa. Most African villages had their own Griot who was
usually a man. Griots were and in some cases are still important
part of the culture and social life of the homes, communities,
villages and cities of African culture.
The integration of technology has limited the griots
because digital access to platforms, tools and Apps are replacing
these dynamic and influencial storytellers.
Come into the room on Saturday to share and experiene the
value of storytelling.

Saturday, January 29 at 3pm EST
Clubhouse from AFLC: Using Storytelling To Buiild
African and Global Relationships

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