Cyber Safety Training Keeping Duval County Students Safe Online

Cyber Safety Training Keeping Duval County Students Safe Online
The Cyber Safety Training provided by Dee Wilcox of the
AnnieRuth Foundation with the collaboration of The XSTREAM
Team of William and Aida Jackson to teach elementary students
about being safe online. Thanks to the Internet Essentials Program
from Comcast for their sponsorship and encouragement in this
program for students in various schools in
Duval County Public Schools.

Part of the AnnieRuth Foundation’s, “I Aspire” campaign (sponsored
by Internet Essentials from Comcast), students (and their parents are
encouraged to attend Cyber Safety training. The use of technology
is a wonderful way to learn, grow, and stay engaged globally.

William and Aida share there are dangers that elementary students
and their parents need to be aware of to keep families safe. It is so
important that even elementary students learn about internet safety.
There is data that shows children and youth are being exposed to
cyberbullying, stalking, sexting, porn and other cyber threats that
create emotional and mental stresses in children, youth, teens and
even young adults.

Aida and William are proud to be able to provide an inclusive and
engaging program for elementary age students to help educate
and empower them and their parents on being safe online and
proactive to learning. William is a professor with Florida State
College of Jacksonville teaching Web 2.0 and Digital Media and
Aida is a professor with Lenior Rhyne University teaching diversity,
inclusivity and blending of social cultures and norms. They are local,
national and global speakers, teachers, and STEAM Advocates.

The AnnieRuth Foundation is instrumental in providing programs
to support education, social engagement and building strong families.
More information on what they do in the Jacksonville community for teens and young adults.

The XSTREAM Team of William and Aida are globally keeping kids
safe with social media and technology workshops with a focus of
online safety, personal Branding for youth as young as elementary
ages 4th and 5th graders that are online.
Parents in some cases do not know that their children are
engaged in online activities and even pretending to be
older than they actually are. Many parents provide their
elementary and middle school children smart phones and
do not even look at their content their children are creating
or viewing. This has serious consequences later in life if their
child is involved in cyber-bullying, cyber-threats, and
uploading/downloading content that can hurt them mentally
and emotionally.

This is a new age of psychological and emotional manipulation
and engagement that is being seen in how youth are treating
each other, their parents and other adults in their lives. The
consequences are scary at best when youth are not set
expectations for behavior, have a foundation for morals and
even ethics online.

Parents do you know truly what your children are doing on
their phones, start looking and asking questions. If your paying
the bill you have the right and the responsibility to do so.
AnnieRuth Foundation
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