Web 3.0, Not There Yet – A Future Extension of Digital Engagements

Web 3.0, Not There Yet – A Future Extension of Digital Engagements
William Jackson, M.Ed.
STEAM Educator, Blogger, Podcaster
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Don’t be fooled into looking for Web 3.0 environments,
as the technology is growing and the media says we are
transitioning into new virtual worlds that will change
everything. The world is changing, but don’t panick learn
as you grow.
Buzz Words are growing and growling making it seem to be
transforming our lives in an instant, this is further from
the truth.

Be sure to investigate, learn and network about being
engaged in Web 3.0 technologies that are not even available.
The use of the web for “regular” people will not change for
years, those engaged in The Arts, entertainment, coding,
content creation, music and even certain business areas should
be learning and collaborating for its potential to influence
these areas. Rest assured there is still time to learn, grow
and be in the know as our understanding and abilities do grow.

There will be multiple opportunties to share works,
collaborate and even sell skills, talents and abilities
through NFT’s, Blockchain and other digital products.
The opportunties are their to gain as much education and
resources as possible, but do not jump into an area you
are ignorant about and do not even understand how to apply
new tech to what your doing.

The Metaverse is still growing and this can be seen in
the movies old and new like “The Matrix (1999),” “Ready
Player One” (2000), “The Last Action Hero” (1993),
and even seen on television shows like Star Trek series.
Showing AR – Augmented Realities, VR – Virtual Reality,
and other realites are real and the technologies to be
engaged and involved are available.

People should not jump at getting on the metaverse
because there is no access, no online ramps and no red
or blue pills to take, well not yet at least and if there
are don’t be a fool and jump in without learning as much
as possible about the affects of prolonged emersion into
digital worlds using devices made for entertainment and

As a teacher of STEAM, education takes several years to
catchup with future technologies, parents be careful
about purchasing devices that may open doors to sites
on the web that may not be healthy for your children.
There are porn sites that display themselves as gaming
and entertainment, there are sites that encourage youth,
teens and young adults that have extremistis ideologies
and digital gangs that falsely claim to build communities,
but have under tones of racism, hatred, nationalism and
extremist ideas.

Don’t be caught up with the “hype” of commercialization,
advertising and marketing. The graphics, music, engagements
look great on tv and the movies as ads, but the reality is
that entertainment and gaming are in the business of “hyping
things up” to see what type of reactions they can get.
Its all about money, its all about entertainment, its all
about views and influencing the consumer to see a product
they think they cannot live without.

There is a “dark side to social engagements not matter what
the word on the street says, and parents are giving their
children the keys to digital door ways that have hidden
dangers that take time to grow and change behaviors and lives.
Case in point how Tic Toc Challenges have created destruction,
chaos, and other events in schools that disrupt learning and
put teachers and students in danger.

The Internet can be so influencial and pervasive in childrens
lives that we can no longer just think of it as a passing fad
or digital luxury. In a social and cultural context, in order to
be productive in a digital world we must understand this area of
engagement to see the realites for the potential changes in the
behaviors of youth, teens and young adults; it can be positive
influence or create an avenue for negativity, destruction or
potential death.

All the praises of social media, metaverse and digital engagements
can be over shadowed by the potential of a darkside. Education
is finding that the instantaneous sharing of information and
opinions by students can lead to dangerous outcomes that require
law enforcement, community groups that address digital gang
activies. Parents are increasingly being reactive to their chidren’s
digital activities and schools are employing damage control protocols
that are not always successful to down play what is going on in
classrooms, lunchrooms bathrooms and other areas of schools when
students are influenced by their digital devices.

Don’t believe all the hype ladies and gentlemen and take care of
your house and home where-ever you are. Watch your children with
their phones, watches, tablets and other digital devices that are
opening worlds to be discovered and your children are boldly going
where you and they have never gone before. There are scarier things
in the growing metaverse and internet that would make a parents
scared and even children. They will create mental challenges that
are not good for children and even as Christians. Be careful what
you allow in your homes and members of the Body of Christ.