Preparing Students at Twin Lakes Academy for Future Careers

Preparing Students at Twin Lakes Academy for Future Careers

Newspaper and Podcasting Club
All About The Newspaper and Podcasting Club
By: TLAM Reporter Ayanna Turner and Sponsor Mr. Jackson

The Newspaper and Podcasting Club is a great club with various
talents put together to make a successful newspaper and podcast.
The clubs meet on Wednesdays after school, and is open for the
6th, 7th, and 8th grade students.

This provides a chance for students to experience being in a club
that provides information about Twin Lakes Academy Middle in
the school and to the community.

Two sponsors of the newspaper club are Ms. Canepa and Mr. Jackson.
In the club, we have different jobs just like a real newspaper and the
podcast allows students who would like to learn this area given a
change to experience podding. It is almost like a television program in
a newsroom, but only with audio. One day the video may come, but for
right now it is just an audio broadcast.

Such as being in a newsroom and podcast station, interviewing
the staff allows students, parents and community to get to know
the staff better. Students are recognized for their academic
success, sports are presented for all our sports teams and even
our play like the recent “Matilda” Production that was attended
by  Dr. Diana L. Greene, Superintendent of Duval County Public
Schools (DCPS).  Duval County Public Schools is the 20th largest
school district in the nation and prepares students for future
careers as leaders and innovators.

Students jobs in the newspaper club are typing, editing, and recording
and reporting events around the school and the community. People can
read articles in the newspaper that is on WordPress, and it will leave you feeling proud because that is what the Newspaper Club is all about!

People can listen to the podcast as well anywhere they are traveling
because it is audio and on the Anchor audio platform. We are proud
of the Podcast as well it is listed on Spotify, Google Podcast, Radio
Public and other sites.
Not to many middle schools in Duval County Public Schools has a
Podcast and Newspaper which makes our school, TLAM unique
and special.

Learning technologies like these help TLAM students decide what
careers they may want to be a part of in their future and continue
to have the support of teachers like Ms. Canepa and Mr. Jackson
all through their academic careers. Teachers like these are very rare
and special because students see that these teachers support them
and care about them.

Please follow our Newspaper Club at
and the Podcast Club at

Because of winter break there will be no postings until
Wednesday, January 5th 2022.