“Fathers Build Stronger Families This Season”

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“Fathers Build Stronger Families This Season”

It has been my goal for the past several months to blog and
podcast about the value and importance of fathers. Not to
discount the importance of mothers, but fathers, grandfathers,
stepfathers, stepinfathers and those men that take the role
and responsibilities of fatherhood.
It is my continuous prayer that fathers that do not understand
their place, come to enlightenment soon and be the father
their children need and desire.
Sharing on my podcasts the value and importance of fathers,
men and the foundation of knowledge they can share and the
life experiences they can teach from. Knowledge is not a college
degree, knowledge is the collective wisdom gained from
living, surviving, overcoming, triumphing, failing, falling,
mistakes and the continuous love of the Lord.
It is important that during these holidays and into 2022
fathers continue to build and establish love in their families
and re-enforce love with their children at all ages. Teaching that
respect is earned not just given. That knowledge is more
powerful than gifts and the blessings of prayer,
praise and purpose are longer lasting than all the toys
in the world.
This Christmas is not just about gifts it is about seeing
another day, another month, another year and moving
forward. It is not about what you buy your children all the
time, buy your families or even buy the people that you
love worldly gifts, it is spending valuable time and
making memories for the future.
Wise knowledge from the recent Global Men’s Conference
by One Africa Forum https://oneafricaforum.org/
Taking walks in the parts, going to the movies, museums
and cultural centers together to build a foundation that
binds and strengthens the fabric of family and faith.
Attending church consistently as a family and looking
forward to each opportunity to share your faith by
your words, deeds and action.
Celebrate fathers and mothers, grandfathers and
grandmothers. All those men and women that breathe
life into you.
Pray for those that try to stop you, hate you, dislike you,
are jealous of you and even curse you.
For they are the ones that need God’s touch to their minds,
body, spirit and souls.
Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Happy New Year