African Christian Schools Receives First Ever Technology Courses in 2021

African Christian Schools Receives First Ever Technology Courses
William Jackson, M.Ed. My Quest To Teach & Digital Evangelism
Member of San Jose Church of Christ, Jacksonville, Florida

Technology has enabled people to reach across oceans,
across borders and across continents. The growth in
social media access, technology integration, audio apps,
web development, and the growth of wireless
infrastructures has allowed Africans in ministry to create
content that increases their ability to connect locally,
nationally, and globally.

Sharing the “Word of God” has become easier and more
efficient, saving souls and applying social media to keep
souls saved and engaged hasvembraced using technology
to engage Christians globally. African Christian ministers
are learning they must be able to manage the use and
application of social media platforms, apps and tools to share
the gospel with their local congregations and even across the
continent and globally.

The pandemic has forced thousands of African ministers to
rethink how they are using technology to teach, preach, share
the gospel and work to save souls across Africa.
The partnership between African Christian Schools in Nigeria
and William Jackson of My Quest To Teach & Digital Evangelism
has allowed students attending African Christian Schools to learn
how to use tech as a tool for evangelism, ministry, discipleship
and teaching.

The 8 week course held every Wednesday morning required
Professor Jackson to start teaching virtually at 5:00am EST
and 10:00am WAT (Nigerian) time.
Developed by Prof. Jackson the curriculum was created from
years of study from respected ministers like Charlie McClendon
and Al Jackson of Northside Church of Christ in Jacksonville,
attending and speaking at Church of Christ Lectureships, being
a member of various Church of Christ ministries and as
a teacher in public and higher education teaching STEM, STEAM,

Blogging since 2008 on multiple platforms, attending and
speaking at global tech conferences Prof. Jackson has gained
a unique perspective and seeing the changes in technology and
social media over the years.
The pandemic created a panic for many ministries across Africa
because they did not have either the ability or the knowledge to
share content and engagement on social platforms and using
streaming services.

The knowledge needed was not readily available so many African
ministries researched online, connected through apps and searched
for African men and women that were geeks and nerds that are
already engaged.
It is important that ministries are aware of the changes in tech and
social platforms and make necessary adjustments to service their
audiences and even engage youth, teens and young adults.
The African Christian Schools in Nigeria and many other ministries
have not had formal training in this area and collaborated with
Prof. Jackson to share his ideas, experiences, thoughts, exposure
as an educator of 33 years, professor with several colleges and
past technology instructor with NASA.

The ability to connect and build relationships is taking place virtually
for many ministries in Africa and training is needed to get ministries
enabled to use strategies, platforms, building of Brands and Marketing
their services within and outside of their communities.
African Christian Schools are looking forward to additional trainings
provided by Prof. Jackson to empower, engage, inspire and educate
ministers, evangelists and teachers in the Churches of Christ.

The goal with programs like this is to educate ministers on the
unique possibilities that help bring connections using social platforms,
apps, tools and widgets to build strategic relationships along with
learning and teaching opportunties with Africans across Africa that
are Christians.

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relationships and connections for the study of scripture.
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