My Quest To Teach in STEAM and the Growing Metaverse

When I started My Quest To Teach
my intentions were, and still are, to get youth, teens and
young adults involved and engaged in STEM, STEAM, and
STREAM learning that would influence their decisions for
future careers.
The choices are so fluid with career choices that youth have
unlimited opportunties to obtain their goals and aspirations.
Understanding that youth in this day and era of technology
should not be limited to what visions they see for themselves
and they can live their authentic lives and apply their skills,
talents and abilites.
Using STREAM to teach project based learning to highlight
the skills that are outside of basic academics that encourage
the use of The Arts and embedding of technology.  Integrating
the Metaverse and the understanding of Web 1.0, Web 2.0
and the domain of land online that can be owned and sold
Web 3.0.
Teaching 33  years in public and higher education and even
applying technology into ministry means that having basic
technical knowledge can go far and have far reaching
implications for a life of success and growth.  People cannot
afford to not be involved in some capacity in using, applying,
understanding and manipulating the Web.
Aida and I are The XSTREAM Team where we provide
virtual and in person workshops in multiple areas of content
creation, cyber safety for parents and their chidlren, STEAM
Learning and Education.
The web site shares all in that life is
and the growtn of
Science Technology Engineering Arts Math.
Project based learning is so important in this world of
technology journeys where learning is taken to a digital level
of engagement,  acitivities, learning, collaboration and
2022 is going to show that My Quest to Teach is growing and
more involved in conferences, workshops, seminars and tranings
for youth, teens and young adults.
Check out the latest blog by me, William Jackson, M.Ed. to
learn more why students need to understand STEAM and the
STEM, STEAM and The Metaverse for Duval School Students
here on My Quest to Teach
William Jackson, M.Ed. Clubhouse and Twitter @myquesttoteach
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