STEM, STEAM and The Metaverse for Duval School Students

STEM, STEAM and The Metaverse for Duval School Students


William Jackson, M.Ed. Clubhouse and Twitter @myquesttoteach
The influence in the changes of technology are impacting learning
that can be seen in the explosion of discussions and teaching
of how Science Technology Engineering Math, Science Technology Engineering Arts Math have changed the dynamics of project based
and hands on learning in the classrooms across Jacksonville as seen
in the STEAM Lab of teachers like William Jackson at Twin Lakes
Academy Middle School.

Preparing middle school students not just for high school, but for
future careers that will require multiple levels of technological skills,
abilities, talents, creativity and digital innovation. Games like
Minecraft, Second Life, Fortnite Creative and others are allowing
students to enter “Social and Investment Opportunities’ in virtual
worlds that incorporate blockchain technology and financials in cryptocurrency and NFT.

The digital currency to make NFT purchases of land, products,
services have created and will be in demand. The importance of
having a sustainable Arts program in Middle and High schools are
key in this growing digital transformation and revolution for students.
Middle schools and high schools can no longer afford not to have
sustained and funded traditional and digital arts programs.

If students are not empowered and inspired to build their Artistic
abilities, they will be left out of the growing careers that allow them
to be expressive, innovative, creative entrepreneurs and business
owners. Metaverse games allow interaction, interoperating with
one another that will drive the growing blockchain gaming ecosystem
into a digital influencer of the future global economy.

STEAM Educators are already making a difference in the preparation
of students by having students like those at Twin Lakes Academy
Middle involved in Design and Modeling process that combines
engineering design, computer-based applications like Word, Paint 3D, Windows Video Editor and using resources on the internet. These
elements are applied to inspire creativity, digital innovation and
technologies that businesses are demanding now.

The Metaverse is a growing digital field of artistic design, digital
innovation creating virtual worlds, applying the imagination to authentic
lands where people can be who and what they want to be and go where
they want to go in the metaverse (beyond the universe), students can
create multiverses that are viewed with head mounted devices known
as Oculus and touch hand controllers to be engaged in the digital worlds.

To help students learn what is the metaverse and how to apply their
learning to it, Mr. Jackson, the STEAM Educator at TLAM shares with
the students.

The metaverse is the future of the internet and internet-based learning
of the future. It is not just a video game environment, although gaming
is a part of it, it is also where digital lands can be created, built, and sold
using a digital monetary exchange.

The metaverse cannot be separated from the internet because the
metaverse is still part of the internet only an adapted version.
A version 3.0 with  pportunities for students to be creators and producers
not just consumers and players of games. Students are being taught in
STEM and STEAM classes that they are going to be using multiple types
of technologies and their successes will be based not just on their
classroom knowledge, but their abilities to be creative, innovative, and broadening their imaginations.

Mr. Jackson and the help of his wife who is a professional Artist and
Professor with Lenoir Rhyne University will be helping students to
understand their place in the metaverse because  businesses and
industries globally will be moving in those directions at the speed of

Students must understand that applying knowledge is key, not just
playing games, not just watching Tic Tok videos that encourage the destruction of school property, violence against school personnel
and other students.

There is a digital ecosystem that has global influences in career
options, virtual land ownership with domain names, monetary
influences and investments. Preparing Duval County School
students has leaped into the future now. Mr. Jackson a 33-year
educator also teaches with Florida State College of Jacksonville
teaching Digital Media and Web 2.0, a past instructor with Edward
Waters University teaching Educational Technology, Social Media
and STEAM. He and his wife Aida Correa-Jackson Clubhouse
and Twitter @lovebuiltlife who is a respected florist, artist, and
university professor can be heard in multiple rooms on Clubhouse.
They travel speaking and teaching at WordCamp conferences
nationally and globally in-person and virtually.