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African Christian Schools
and One Africa Forum

African Christain Schools

I’m building a curriculum that embraces
technology and ministry, allows
the vision and purpose of ministry to
be expanded to areas that have not
been thought of ever before.
Ministries use technology, they may not
understand the influence technology can have.

Allowing the range of their reach to
be extended. Sharing of faith is not
throwing scripture at people,
sharing our daily challenges and relying
on our faith to get us through the challenges
we face.
African Christian Schools is supporting and participating.

“The Blending of Ministry and
Digital Technologies with Social Media”
William Jackson, M.Ed.
My Quest To Teach and Digital Evangelism
what a great virtual learning environment to
share the glory of Christ and how our faith
and content extends to ministry and the
applicaiton of social media.

If there are ministries that are interested
in having their congregations or
ministerial staff / leadership taking
classes that are based in Africa
please reach out to connect.

Email for more information to
schedule classes and pricing.

Thanks African Christian School
and One Africa Forum

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