Ghana National Youth Conference 2021

Ghana National Youth Conference 2021
William and Aida Jackson and Zakaria laajily
of Morocco, Africa participated in this
transformative event that was virtual.

Sharing video from the Ghana National Youth Conference
provided by One Africa Forum broadcast from South Africa.

The presentation “Building Leadership Skills to be a
Leader Now and in the Future for Ghana and Africa.”
What a transformative event for youth, teens and young
adults on the continent of #Africa. There many chances
to provide awesome resources and engagement opportunities
to help build African youth, teens and young adults to
be the needed leaders to build Africa as a global
influencer for African people.

The XSTREAM TEAM of William and Aida Jackson and Zakaria
laajily our intern from Morocco are continuing to
collaborate with One Africa Forum to help promote and
engage African leaders, to help in building the future
of Africa. Strong leaders begin at young ages and with
proper mentorship, educational opportunties, in-person
and virtual engagement.

Education begins in the home, with virtual learning and
education African families have access to professional
educators, mentors, resources and services that can help
build confident, capable and service oriented men and
women that will build Africa as a stable and prosperous
continent of nations that work together and grow together.

Our presentation starts sharing from time line 2:38.34
the presentation we provided as our way of giving back
and helping in building leaders from our experiences as
global educators, advocates for STREAM Education and
Learning globally.

There are so many opportunties to inspire, encouarage and
provide educational resources to youth, teens and young
adults globally especially on the continent of Africa.
The leadership of One Africa Forum will continue to provide
tranings, workshops and Master Classes for global exposure
in multiple areas.

Zakaria (
our intern has been a great help in content development and
blogging on Africa On The Blog @

If you’re not on Clubhouse your missing some awesome
collaboration opportunties. Aida, Zakaria and I have been
speaking in the Education Conference room and participating
in no less than 6 virtual conferences focusing on business,
education, social issues that are local,
national and global.

Get involved, get engaged, become an advocate and supporter
of building African leaders.

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Ghana One Africa Leadership Forum