Blogging Master Classes in Africa Virtually with One Africa Forum

William and Aida Master Class
William and Aida Master Class

Blogging Master Classes in Africa Virtually with One Africa Forum
We are happy to announce the launch of our series of Masterclasses
aimed at empowering Africans. Blogging is not dead, it is transforming,
adapting and morphing to include many elements of technology, diverse
platforms and apps.

William and Aida Jackson have a combined knowledge over 50 years in
Education, Arts, Technology. They are the XSTREAM TEAM that speaks,
teaches, organizes, volunteers and mentors, youth, teens and young
adults globally

They can be heard on Clubhouse in the EDUCATION CONFERENCE room,
AFRICANS FUNDING AFRICANS, AFRICAS YOUNG ENTREPRENEURS, Tech News around the Word and other groups on Clubhouse that strategically
plan to build, strenthen, empower and educate African youth, teens
and young adults. The same classes that were offered in their
home city of Jacksonville, Florida are now empowering Africans
across the continent.

They are collaborating with One Africa Forum speaking on three
events this year and have been including young people like Zakaria
Laajily, Morocco to help develop future African leaders using
digital tools, platforms and Apps. This first class is free and
recurring classes will have a small management fee attached.

Zakaria is a young man living in Morocco and helping to manage
blogs with William on Africa On The Blog:
National Black Guide:
One Africa Forum, this is part of the Y3DG mission to educate
30 million Africans and raise 17 million young leaders, some of
whom would already be occupying various positions across the
continent by the end of this decade.

Achieving this is only possible through strategic and meaningful
collaboration/partnerships with the best resources available
across the world. William and Aida are members of the WordPress and
WordCamp community and will be speaking at the upcoming WordPress
Virtual Meetup on Sunday, October 17th 2021. Those wishing to attend
need to RSVP
The subject is “How to use your voice to create change during
a pandemic!”

One Africa Forum under the leadership of Amb. Edoseghe Prince
Erhahon is committed to engaging stakeholders globally to attract
the necessary resources needed to transform Africans and Africa.
Amb. Ehhahon
The talents, skills and abilities about this partnership with
@myquesttoteach William, @lovebuiltlife Aida Jackson and Zakaria
Twitter open opportunties for global
networking and connections.
To register for this course, visit the Y3DG page on our website

Indigenous Youth In Africa
Indigenous Youth In Africa

Our Africa, Our Pride!!!
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