A Summer of STEM STEAM & STREAM Education

A Summer of STEM STEAM & STREAM Education
William Jackson, M.Ed. My Quest to Teach
STREAM Educator advocating for STREAM Learning

Summer 2021 Data Busters Field Trip to KSC –
Kennedy Space Center

What a great trip with the
students from Baker County
& Duval County Public Schools
as we attended Kennedy
Space Center. The young
people that I was chaperoning
had a great time & applied
what I was teaching in
STEAM class to real life as we built rockets.

The instructional objectives was to show how the
commercialization of Space will affect career options and
opportunties.  Our summer project was to build rockets
that showed the process that engineers, scientists, artist,
mathematicians and others that are involved in Space
careers are important to the exploration and discovery
in Space.

The commercialization
of Space will open new careers,
not just jobs for Black, Brown
and others of color and culture.
Space (outer space) is a market
that is exploding in many
career options that have not
even been created. People of
color cannot wait until later
to be serious about being
part of the exploration and
discovery of Space.

My wife and I have had the opportunity to speak and teach
at 5 summer events as speakers and teachers in the areas of
growth: Science Technology Reading Engineering Arts & Math.

Students of color and culture must begin to change their
visions of careers for the future from service oriented to
producers of content in multiple careers. Knowledge must
be gained from either higher education at HBCU institutions
that support the growth and development of youth, teens and
adults of color and culture.



HBCU Historical Black Colleges
and Universities provide
growth opportunties in multiple
STREAM careers. Curriculums
at HBCU institutions have been
reinforced with STEM, STEAM
and STREAM degrees that allow
graduates to enter into
competitive career opportunties
that provide options as
leaders, creatives, artists,
innovators and creating
generational wealth and knowledge that is passed down
to children and grandchildren.

As a teacher of 33 years I have enjoyed being a STREAM
Educator and inspiring STREAM Learning at Data Busters
and GEAR UP programs and other events that we have
participated in this past summer. Florida State College of
Jacksonville, Florida is providing transformative instruction
in key areas of new career development that will meet the
needs for future agents of change.

To learn more check out
our web site The XSTREAM TEAM
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