Wordfest Live 2021 was an Awesome Global Event

Wordfest Live 2021 was an Awesome Global Event
William Jackson, M.Ed. #MyQuestToTeach
Aida Correa-Jackson #LoveBuiltLife

Aida and I were so honored and proud to contribute our
journey with the WordPress community and platform that
manages over 40% of web sites globally. We share our
love of this community locally, nationally and even
globally as business owners, educators, entrepreneurs,
and in our own networks.

We “The XSTREAM TEAM” Aida and William Jackson,
enjoy our presence in advocating for WordPress and
WordCamp conferences that we volunteer, speak, teach
and organize. The ability to teach youth, teens and
young adults in Kidscamps builds a foundation for
the future of WordCamp and continued participation
to the WordPress community.
The XSTREAM TEAM – https://williamdjackson.edublogs.org/

“Technology is just a tool. In terms of getting the
kids working together and motivating them, the teacher
is most important.” – Bill Gates

The session:
“Creating, Developing and Implementing a Virtual
Meetup for Kids with WordPress”
The link:

Even during the pandemic several WordCamps have
included youth. WordCamp Central America was a
great example of a multi-nation KidsCamp that
Aida and I participated in. Making history on
a global scale using technologies that are on
point to educate, engage, inspire and to be
contributors to Central American region. Helping
to build CA as influencers across all nations
of CA. In no other business can we as a WordPress
community have such positive influence and work
with such creative and innovative people.

Wordfest Live 2021 has phenomenal speakers that
influence the fabric of WordPress as a global
platform of inspiration not just in web development,
but across the board of digital technologies.
Speakers such as these that are listed to be
speaking are respected and listened to, the listing
below shows the multiple skill levels, influences,
inclusivity and diversity that spans globally.

Wordfest Live 2021 has set a high standard and
higher level of creators of knowledge, influencers
and skill developers. Thanks to the Organizers of
Wordfest Live 2021 for selecting Aida and I to speak
about our journey’s as advocates of STEAM and volunteers
in teaching in KIDSCAMPS, locally here in Jacksonville,
nationally and even globally. The experiences to
travel locally, nationally and globally are phenomenal
and life changing. Teaching youth, teens and even young
adults to power and fun of WordPress allow us to
excite youth about technologies they may never have
heard of, nor been exposed to.

The key to success is the ability of people of diverse
backgrounds to work together in something that is bigger
than themselves, helping younger generations to take the
lead in a community that is always changing and adapting
as technology changes and adapts.

The list of speakers is wonderful as listed below:

They’re more that are influencers, creators
and innovators that inspire, encourage and
educate people. They’re business owners,
entrepreneurs, artists, educators, designers
and developers. Each person represents their
cultural background, gender, generation and
share their voices in a dynamic community that
has influences globally. Teaching youth how to use WordPress
and integrate it with STEAM creates a foundation for
youth to be future business owners, entrepreneurs,
business leaders, digital innovators and empowering
cultural creators of diversity and dreams.

The beautiful purpose of this event can
be seen on the About page stating,
“Enabling a 24-hour global celebration of
WordPress, bringing our community together
in a safe environment, whilst facilitating
freedom of movement within a virtual event.”

Continue to support each opportunity to
expand the conversations, the engagements
and the influence of diverse voices to
improve our world. In conclusion I leave these
“We need technology in every classroom and in
every student and teacher’s hand, because it is
the pen and paper of our time, and it is the
lens through which we experience much of our
world.” – David Warlick

Looking forward to more events like this.