WordFest Live 2021 – Sharing Globally the Love of Learning and Content Creation

WordFest Live 2021 – Sharing Globally the Love of Learning and Content Creation

William Jackson, M.Ed. My Quest To Teach
Aida Correa, Artist, Author, LoveBuilt Life, LLC

What is WordFest – Word – The WordPress bit Fest – The Festival bit.
It’s a Festival of WordPress. a 24-hour event, covering the globe and
providing an international flavor of engagement, content sharing,
knowledge creativity and digital innovation. Aida and I are proud to
be a part of this historic virtual event and encourage couples to
share with each other how dynamic and relationship building the
community can be.

As husband and wife we try to share through our words, deeds and actions
that couples can build on their love of technology even if it is in
different areas to bring something connecting to a relationship.
Being able to share individual talents, skills and abilities that put
fire and excitement into a relationship that encourages communication,
content sharing, unique talents to be admired and respected. Even couples
must be reminded that having different perspectives can benefit a
relationship to show another side of a spouse, friend, lover,
partner or even business partner in a relationship.

WordFest Live 2021
WordFest Live 2021

The Main Stage of WordFest 2021 will deliver one session every hour,
for the full 24-hour event. Stages 2 and 3, will feature at least two
sessions per region and other options to watch and engage in will
be provided. The organizers provided a platform that allowed the
diversity of speakers to attract the diversity of learners.

WordFest Live 2021
A unique opportunity to engage on a global platform that empowers
content creators from around the world. Starting the journey of Wordfest
Live 2021: We start in Australia where Aida and I shared our presentation,
“Creating, Developing and Implementing a Virtual Meetup for Kids with
then onto Asia, next up it’s Africa.

WordFest Logo
WordFest Logo

Then to Europe where across Europe we jump over to South America, then
finally to North America. The journey is filled with fascinating and
inspiring content that represents the diversity of the WordPress
community. WordFest Live 2021 wanted to hear from individuals if they
have unique skill-sets that might be fun to bring to the virtual stage.
Uniqueness, being authentic, creative in ideas and innovative in sharing
those ideas in the WordPress community, helps shape the first-ever
WordFest Live.

The types of talks represented provided a foundation for speakers to
work from and share their thoughts and talents.
* Standard Talk – the most common style of session you may be
used to at a conference, both in-person and virtually. An individual
or multiple people, present a talk on a subject matter they are
knowledgeable on. Slides, video and audio can be used to support
the session.
* Panel Discussion – this session features a moderator and
multiple panel members. The moderator will have a list of
discussion topics, for the panel members to discuss and debate.
* Workshop Style – a practical session in which an individual
or multiple people will have developed pre-prepared learning
material for the attendees to participate within.
This learning material can take the form of many different styles
and in a virtual environment, video tutorials may be a suitable
* Fireside Chat – similar to a Panel Discussion, however, this
usually features a lower number of participants.
More of a conversational session.
* Other – this one is totally up to you!
WordFest is also a Festival. So we’re looking for unique and
unusual ways in which we can bring about the festival experience
in a virtual format.

This historic event is unique that embraces imagination, inspires
creativity and promises digital innovation and connects that are
global. The world may be facing many challenges, but what is not
halted are the digital talents and gifts of digital innovation
and collaboration.

A little history lesson about WordFest, on January 22, 2021, Big
Orange Heart delivered the first-ever WordFest Live. There were
almost 2,500 attendees registered, the event surpassed all
expectations for success. Now it is another WordFest Live 2021
in July that brings even more energy and more creativity.

Want to learn more about your involvement watch the promotional
video to get started. https://youtu.be/dqxaMYNtvkU?t=1

Take a look at the web site to learn more that was not posted
in this writing https://www.wordfest.live/ 

In conclusion check out our presentation that is posted
here in video.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jO0Osjijttw&t=1s