Bio of William Jackson – My Quest To Teach – STEAM Education

Bio of William Jackson – My Quest To Teach – STEAM Education

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William Jackson and Aida Correa
William Jackson and Aida Correa Jackson

2021 Bio of William Jackson
William graduated from South Carolina State University earning a
Bachelor’s in Education. Furthering his education earning a
Master of Arts in Teaching from Webster University in 2004 with
a focus on Educational Technology, Social Media and STEAM.
William’s career involves past 2004 to 2017 teaching with NASA
as an Internet and technology instructor in collaboration with
Edward Waters College that has earned university status recently
in 2021.

Technology consultant with the Florida Department of Education
where he taught educational access to the Internet to teachers in
Northeast Florida and presented at major conferences in Florida
and Georgia in multiple areas of tech from education, small business
and STEAM.

William has been involved in the field of education over 30 years in elementary, middle and higher education teaching Physical and
Health Education, STEM, STEAM and elements of STREAM where
reading is incorporated.
Yes that is right he is a past proud PE Teacher…..

William is not only an educator, he is also a social media digital innovator, respected blogger and micro-blogger with Twitter. William is currently a professor with Florida State College of Jacksonville teaching Web 2.0
and Digital Media.

William has been a Ford Motor Company VIP Blogger / Connect Ford
Blogger since 2019 where he travels in Florida and blogs on community
events sponsored by Ford Motor Company. This allows him and his wife
Aida Correa-Jackson also a Ford Blogger to travel to community
events across Florida and report on each event using social media
tools and platforms.

William has been involved with WordCamp conferences since 2010
and appreciates the WordCamp/WordPress community and the
“service” the open-source community provides in digital media.
William is a true “WordCamp Digital Evangelist” where he and his
wife have traveled locally in their home city of Jacksonville, nationally
in the United States and internationally to speak and teach at KidsCamp

One of the proudest moments internationally was helping WordCamp
Central America create it’s first WordCamp Central America KidsCamp
where William and his wife Aida created STEAM projects for this
virtual event that was held across Central America and even those
from Spain, Italy and nations across Central America.

Personal blog and podcast is located at:
My Quest To Teach –
Podcast – My Quest to Teach & Digital Media

You can hear his blog on Alexia and Google by Create My Voice services.
“Alexa run my quest to teach” or “Google play my quest to teach”
Teaching on Let The Bible Speak TV

My Quest To Teach
My Quest To Teach and Digital Evangelism