Jacksonville Educators Speak at Global Summer STEAM Camp Conferences and Higher Education

Jacksonville Educators Speak at Global Summer STEAM Camp Conferences on Clubhouse Audio Platforms
and Teaching at 5 Summer STEAM Camps  with Florida State
College and Libraries. 

William and Aida Jackson STEAM educators in Jacksonville,
Florida have been honored to be selected to speak at “STEAM
Camp A Global Conversation Conference” held virtually
on the global Clubhouse platform. The new global audio
platform “Clubhouse” is changing the way conferences
are held and how professional development is being provided.

Their works in teaching, advocating and providing free
STEAM workshops in Jacksonville have been recognized
and respected locally, nationally and globally.
STEAM – Science Technology Engineering Arts Math are
growing educational initiatives that are defining the learning
foundations of youth, teens and young adults especially
Black and Brown children in communities of poverty and
under privileged status. African American, Hispanic, Mexican
and other children of color are behind in many areas, proper
training in areas of Technology, STEM, STEAM and STREAM
are key skills that youth need to be employable in the future.

The importance and influence of STEM, STEAM and STREAM
Education that are influencing future careers integrates the
skills and abilities that businesses are demanding and are
looking for in the future workforce. The demand has grown
more urgently as the pandemic is changing the social
reliability on technology application and integration.
Businesses are allowing their workers to stay at home to
work remotely and need their workers to be tech savvy,
STEAM is one of the keys.

So influential is STEAM that schools are changing their
curriculums to provide STEM, STEAM and STREAM
Education. Globally the value is being shown as
conferences are demanding educational experts to
speak and teach like William and Aida Jackson. They
are providing a narrative of how tech is changing education,
career development and the hiring processes of people
of color and culture.

William and Aida Jackson, advocates of STEAM for several
years, have spoken at conferences nationally and globally
pre-pandemic, have been requested to speak and teach
at several STEAM Conferences and to teach at STEAM
Camps at Florida State College of Jacksonville this summer.

They are speaking on Clubhouse in the room by Educ8World https://educ8.world/
connected with Clubhouse and the room Educ8 World.
Connecting educators from around the world to share
their knowledge, experiences, skills in preparing the next
generation of STEAM leaders. The conference “STEAM
Camp A Global Conversation,” held in July was attended
by over 5,000 ppl virtually from around the world.

William and Aida presentations were STEAM Camp:
“Go STREAM XSTREAM in the Classroom,” how STEAM
learning can be taught in schools with hands-on project
based learning that enables youth to learn with the Arts,
using Creativity and Digital Innovation and STEAM Camp
“Creating STEAM Lessons with a Goal in Mind,” sharing
how they teach Black, Brown and Indigenous youth to
prepare for future careers that will be created by the
commercialization of Space and robot infusion.

Their free STEAM lessons with their partnership with
The Microsoft Store and Jacksonville Public Libraries
around their home of Jacksonville, Florida have been
recognized nationally and modeled globally.

Conferences and Professional Development have been
changed for the future because of Clubhouse and other
digital platforms that allow for the sharing of
ideas and experiences on a global scale with teachers.

They can be found on the web site:
The XSTREAM TEAM – https://williamdjackson.edublogs.org/

They will be speaking at several conferences in July
WordFest Live 2021

Speakers at WordFest 2021
Speakers at WordFest 2021
WordFest Live 2021
WordFest Live 2021

William and Aida will be speaking at
WordCamp Santa Clarita virtually

Aida and I will be speaking at ReDefining
Arts Education with EDUC8 World

Teaching with Florida State College of Jacksonville
Summer 2021 for 2 weeks

Teaching at Florida State College of
Jacksonville with GEAR UP STEAM Camp
and Data Busters Summer Camp

Aida and I speaking at Lingua Cultura
Global Conference on Clubhouse

In partnership with The AnnieRuth Foundation