William and Aida Jackson Speaking at STEAM  Camp A Global Conversation

William and Aida Jackson Speaking at  STEAM  Camp A Global Conversation

Aida and I invite you to this global conversation of STEAM and how our
world is influenced with Science Technology Engineering Arts Math (Medical).

STEM and STEAM are cross curricular initiatives that are being used in the classrooms of today to prepare students for roles of leadership, creativity
and innovation.  Students cultural backgrounds must be thought of when
creating lessons because of the power of the representation they may
or may not see.

Teachers must be aware, sensitive, cognizant and  empathic to how
lessons are being prepared,  objectives are being used, standards are
being applied and the necessity of preparing assessments that
challenge a students critical and higher order thinking and flowing
with their cultural influences.

Your invited to this global conversation and the others held during the
STEAM Camp A Global Conversation being held on Clubhouse.

Consider what your students backgrounds are when planning your STEM, STEAM, STREAM instruction. Their backgrounds are culturally diverse and influence their learning engagement. Educators must make learning relevant, reliable, scalable and applicable for the students of today and tomorrow.

STEAM Camp A Global Conversation

William and Aida Jackson