What Are You Doing This Summer – Join WordFest 2021 in July

WordFest Live 2021
WordFest Live 2021

What Are You Doing This Summer – Join WordFest 2021 in July

Aida and I are very excited we have been chosen to speak at the
upcoming WordFest Live 2021

Our session can be found here with all the other talented
speakers  WordPress Living Live 2021 

We will be speaking about:
“Creating, Developing and Implementing a Virtual Meetup for
Kids with WordPress”
Speaker: William and Aida Jackson
Session Time: 8:00pm July 22nd, 2021 (your local time)
Session Time: 12:00am July 23rd, 2021 (UTC)

Speakers at WordFest 2021
Speakers at WordFest 2021

Thank you to the Big Orange Heart @BigOrangeHeart
for selecting Aida and I to speak and to be Media Partners.

Even during this receding pandemic it is great to see
the continued passion for collaboration, cooperation and
preparation in business, entrepreneurialism and educational
growth. The speakers are influencers in their respective
communities, cities, states & across the nation.

WordFest Logo
WordFest Logo

Globally they are recognized and respected for their
knowledge, craft, creativity and digital innovation.
The world is in constant digital flux, events like this,
WordFest Live are needed because it allows people of
similar passions and purpose to connect, collaborate and

Looking forward to speaking, teaching and collaborating.
Check out the wonderful speakers..

WordPress Living Live 2021
WordPress Living Live 2021

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