Sharing Knowledge and Experiences with AnnieRuth Foundation

Sharing Knowledge and Experiences with AnnieRuth Foundation
Annie Ruth Foundation
Dee Wilcox, Executive Director
AnnieRuth Foundation
Sowing seeds, strengthening communities
William Jackson and Aida Correa-Jackson
Speaking at the AnnieRuth Foundations Business Seminar:
May 2021

Sharing words of encouragement to the students of
AnnieRuth Foundations Business Seminar: May 2021

Thanks to Dee Wilcox and the Board of AnnieRuth
Foundation for allowing me to speak to their
students during their business seminar.

The “alphabet” of success that leads to global influence and
exposure across digital tools and platforms. Sharing nuggets
of knowledge and dropping gems from 32 years of teaching,
speaking, mentoring, project development and collaborations.

William Jackson, M.Ed. Graduate of South Carolina State University
William Jackson, M.Ed. Graduate of South Carolina State University

These are shared with the young adults that will be our
future leaders, innovators, thought leaders and influencers
of the world.
A. Aspire to be part of something bigger than you are.
B. Be Bold in what you do. Be on time or early for meetings.
Do not subscribe to CPT (Colored People Time) when attending
events and activities.
C. Always be caring to people.
Don’t look at a persons skin color, eye color, eye shape,
hairstyle, or socio-economic status. We all have a story to
tell. Caring builds the world up, hating tears it down.
D. Don’t give into being “dared” to do anything. If there
are somethings you will not do, don’t let other entice or
threaten you to do things that can hurt your reputation,
psychology, emotional status and future life circumstances.
E. Be energetic even when you do not want to or feel like it.
You never know who could be watching you and have a blessing
for you based on your attitude and behavior.
F. Find a good network to be part of to learn from experts.
If you want to be a doctor, network with doctors. If you want
to be an attorney, network with attorneys, if you want to be
an educator, network with educators.
G. Get up and go! Be on time even when you do not feel like it.
There may be opportunties waiting for you that you could not do
on your own.
H. Say Hi to people, smile and when possible shake hands. The
world will remember your kindness and even when you mess up
they will remember the goodness in you and forgive you faster.
I. Be joyful. If your joyful and your spirit is joyful it will
take you further in your life. Small acts of kindness last a
long way….
J. Keep it real in relationships, and be authentically you.
Don’t play mind or emotional games, people will carry that
hurt with them to the grave.
K. Love life and living even when it hurts.
You have one life to live, love life during the hurt times and
the happy times.
L. Mentor others, share your knowledge, passion and purpose
with others. You may be planting a seed for the next Nobel
Peace Prize winner or talented author, doctor, President, etc.
M. Never give up on your dreams. People will try to make you
feel bad about your dreams, your hopes and your desires. Your
family may want you to stop dreaming, but never do that.
N. Opportunties come in challenging times. Look at things as
an out of the box thinker.
O. Praise God Every Day !!!!
P. Quit complaining, use challenges to help you blossom and
grow. Diamonds and precious gems only get better under pressure.
Q. Raise the bar to success for yourself and you raise your
vision for success. As you climb remember to try and bless
others on the way.
R. Success is not always money; your success can be your
life style, your family, achieving your goals and dreams.
S. You do not have to tell everyone your dreams, sometimes
it is better to keep your mouth shut.
T. Technology does not build relationship, spending time,
sharing conversations, breaking bread and even worshipping
together builds strong and lasting relationships.
U. Understand your great potential for success even if
you fail at first keep pushing forward. Learn from your
mistakes, dust yourself off and move forward and even if
you fail “fall forward” Denzel Washington.
Fall Forward
V. Visit libraries, museums and other cultural places to learn
about yours and other culture. The media will not share the
truth about your race, your color, your gender, your generation.
You should be a global learner and share your voice.
W. Your will is powerful, your words have power, your spirit in
you is unstoppable.
X. What do you bring to the table, if there seems to be no
room at the table bring your own chair and be willing to learn
in the process of making your place at the table.
Y. Your faith will take you farther than your personal strength.
Never rely just on you, your faith will carry you through the
hard times, it will lift you over the dangerous times and have
you appreciate the peaceful times.
Z. Do you have the guts to fail, do you have to nerve to push
forward even if you do not see the road. Even if you travel
alone have the faith to go and grow where no one else has