“Making History in Central America with WordCamp CA 2021”

“Making History in Central America with WordCamp CA 2021”

WordCamp Central America and WordCamp CA Kids Camp 2021
William and Aida Jackson. WordCamp Volunteer / Teachers of KidsCamp

WordCamp Central America 2021
WordCamp Central America 2021

The first regional WordCamp in Central America will
take place April 15 to 17, 2021 and the first WordCamp
Central America Kids Camp will take place as well.
There will be something for adults and youth to
celebrate in April for WCCA 2021. #WCCA

WordCamp conferences have gone virtual since 2020,
as a result of the pandemic. Changing the model for
networking, information sharing, collaboration,
building PLN–Professional Learning Networks and
PLC-Professional Learning Communities that create
avenues where diversity, inclusivity, acceptance of
gender, generation
and cultures is real and relative to business and
entrepreneurial success.
Central America is growing into an area of
technological growth, thought leadership in technology
and influence not just on a local scale, it is recognized
regionally and internationally. Many people do not
know the nations of Central America, they include Belize,
Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras,
Nicaragua and Panama.

Countries of Central America
Countries of Central America

What is WordPress? WP is a way to create personal website
or blogs. WordPress powers over 40% of all the websites on
the Internet. More than one in four websites visited are likely
powered by WordPress. The global influence and exposure to
WordPress provides a chance that anyone can build a web
site for business, pleasure, education, research, public, civic,
creativity, innovation and building communities.

In corresponding to the WordPress community are WordCamp
conferences. WordCamps are conferences that are held locally,
nationally and as can be seen they are held internationally as
the upcoming first of its kind WordCamp Central America
held in Nicaragua and also the first of its kind Kids Camp
celebrating “Unity” as the theme of the conference.
WC focuses on everything WordPress and provides a friendly,
welcoming, informal, community-organized events that are
put together by WordPress enthusiasts and users.

WCCA 2021
WordCamp Central America 2021

Some of the wonderful things about WC conferences is
everyone from the casual user, to core developers, graphic
designers, content creators, bloggers, educators, artists,
programmers, entrepreneurial and business people
participate. They share ideas, collaborate and get to
know each other.

During WordCamp (WC) conferences people are developing
new business and technology ideas. Forming collaborations
in web development, training opportunities and even making
dreams come true for individuals to start their own technology
businesses. Central America is growing into a new digital hub
of thought leaders and digital innovators.

The encouragement and inspiration of the involvement for
youth, teens and young adults opens doors for them to be
a part of WordPress, WordCamp and Kids Camp areas.
Central America has already had WordCamp conferences
in Costa Rica, Nicaragua and Panama. As the interest and
demands grows additional CA (Central American) nations
will be having WordCamp and KidsCamp conferences.

Girl Power
Girl Power

WordCamp Central America has been in the planning stage
for several years. WCCA encourages and inspires unity,
community, collaboration, nation building in technology
and in the educational areas of STEAM.
Science Technology Engineering Arts Math are needed
skills to help youth, teens and young adults in Central
America grow into the leaders this region will need to
continue to grow into an influential region where
technology will allow even the youth to create Start-up
businesses that help to move families up economically,
educationally and even help to improve environmental
issues in the region because of the transfer of jobs
from agricultural and industrial to technical and global https://centroamerica.wordcamp.org/2021/

WCCA 2021 Virtual
WCCA 2021 Virtual


The Lead Organizers are: Leandro Gómez (NI), Lidia Aroyo (CF)
and Mario Rocha (NI), José Ramón Padron (ES) and
Rocio Valdivia (ES) are the mentors.
Kids Camp volunteers William and Aida Jackson (US) have helped
with Kids Camp in the United States, Costa Rica, Canada and
provided information for KidsCamp held in Nigeria and Uganda,
The first regional WordCamp in Central America will take place
from April 15 to 17 virtually. Talks, Networking, Happiness Bar
(technical help),KidsCamp and Contributor Day are just some
activities that attendees can be part of.

Aida and William
Aida and William, volunteers, speakers, teachers, advocates.

In the coming weeks we will announce all the details of the event,
ticket registration (free), speaker announcements, KidsCamp
events and much more.
About the speakers:

You can also find updates on social network
Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/WordCampCA
Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/wccentroamerica/
Web – https://centroamerica.wordcamp.org/2021/

Don’t forget our official WordCamp Central America
hashtag is  #WCCA2021
Blog by:
William Jackson, M.Ed.
Twitter at @wmjackson
Clubhouse: @myquesttoteach
William Jackson Hero Panel WordCamp PHX

William Jackson Hero Panel WordCamp PHX